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Corona virus

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    The media have had their say: I only found out after writing the above post about Frances being very distressed with staff at the hospital.

    I just want Frances to be well again. I know I am praying for her: and Christine and the rest of the Whiley family.

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    According to Christine Whiley [via Facebook] Frances is much better. I am so glad for the Whiley family and just wish them the best. They had the scare of their lives.


    Because of Jo Whiley’s intervention, people registered as having a disability with their doctor are now priority cases for having the vaccine. This is wonderful news. The world watched Frances suffer and now people I associate with will be mostly protected from COVID-19. Knowing people are going to be safe makes me feel very happy.

    The government was listening to Jo Whiley’s every word. And stepped up to the plate.

    You’re a star, Jo.


    Every time I get a headache, I am scared I’ve caught coronavirus. And I do have a bad headache and feel sick generally. If I do catch it, then I would NOT go to hospital and would stay in my apartment to get better. Oh: my dad has had the vaccination. He is now mostly immune. My sister and I have not had the vaccination yet, though: we are waiting for our doctors’ to contact us. I hope this is soon. In fact, I may check shortly.

    Anyhow, my heart breaks for all lives lost. It is a devastating time and sadly a time no one will forget.

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    I think the vaccine is going to give some protection but its not foolproof and opening borders is a sure way to get this thing started again. I think anyone silly enough to think of going on holiday right now is just taking a foolish risk. Latest news is that some poorer countries wont have their vaccine until 2024 .

    I think it will be wise to continue to use caution distance as much as possible and keep wearing masks for at least another year.


    I agree, cassandra. It’ll be another year of wearing masks and socially distancing. In fact – on the news in Northampton yesterday – police were/are patrolling the town and issuing fines. I can see why the police are doing this. This lockdown is not a free holiday: it is a deadly virus that kills. I haven’t left my home town for over a year: I haven’t even caught the bus for a short ride. I don’t just wander into shops: hence why I use online shopping. I’m not going to put anyone at risk. I didn’t even go to the house today: because I was in bed all day and I worried I had the virus. I did not want to potentially expose my dad and sister to the virus: which I hope I do not have.

    I am being very, very cautious and following the rules.


    It can be tough being the ones following the rules, and then others don’t take them seriously. But such is life for me, generally a stickler for the rules!


    If these people not taking the rules seriously saw patients of COVID-19 in their hospital beds, dying and in agony, they’d take ALL the rules seriously. The virus is nasty: and will kill. My close friend caught it: and never forgot how awful it was. In fact, my friend is lucky to be alive. She was in a coma for 3 days. She couldn’t eat, drink or talk. Her limbs made her feel like an old granny. She had trouble using the toilet and she found it hard to breathe. And there were other symptoms. And she lost a good friend – Elizabeth – to coronavirus. Needless to say, she takes it seriously.

    I urge anyone – and everyone – to follow the guidelines. I know it is boring – and you want to go out and be with people – but that could kill those people. Don’t risk spreading the virus.

Viewing 8 posts - 106 through 113 (of 113 total)
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