Could I be expecting??

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    About 3-4 weeks ago my birth control got disrupted (did not take it for about a month) and I got a period. (Me and my boyfriend have unprotected sex almost every night) then about a week later I got another shorter “period” with mild cramping. I go back on my birth control and things go back to normal. Last week I started feeling a bit sick for about an hour everyday, my breasts have been achy (not tender just on and off aches) so I took a test and it was negative. And Tonight after me and my boyfriend had sex and a little bit after my abdomen started to feel tight. It didn’t hurt it just was a tightness I haven’t felt before. Could I have taken a test too early? Should I call my doctor? I need help. Oh and the smell of beef makes me feel sick and I love beef

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    Well, it’s been over 9 months. If you were pregnant, you would know by now! I just happened upon this and I am guessing you won’t be returning so this is a moot point, but let me say one thing to all the people out there online who are going through similar symptoms.

    If you don’t want to get pregnant: take your birth control pills, use condoms or abstain from sex.
    If you do want to get pregnant: skip those items.
    If you are stressing out that you might be pregnant because you have unprotected sex without birth control or condoms then: quite obviously your intention is to not prevent pregnancy (or you are really going about it haphazardly).
    This my dear one is a sure way to get pregnant, and possibly put you into a situation that you do not want to be in!

    My advice: know what your intention is, if your intention is not to have a baby do not go around having unprotected sex! If your intention is to have a baby then by all means stop putting those hormones in your body they are not helping you any!


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