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    Perhaps I have asked this before. But could you?

    I happily live without alcohol. I don’t need to drink wine or drink a lot when I socialize. I will have a small drink – so as not to look square – though. But I won’t lecture people about their drinking or prattle on about clean living. If people want to drink, that is fine by me. I just don’t need to drink to socialize.

    Over to you.



    and I do. A drop of Wine or a Malibu and Chocolate milk maybe once every six months. But other than that I am tea tottle.

    I have actually only ever been drunk 3 times in my life.  I mean like really intoxicated. All when I was in my teens and all with serious hangover consequences.

    That taught me a lesson I never have let go of. Guess whos always designated driver? But I do not mind that.

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    I probably could but am unlikely to. When I am out I don’t drink at all as I am usually driving and so avoid any alcohol at all.


    Hi ,

    i quess i,m one of those goody goody,s  never had any drink ever, at a xmas end of year building firm  i did not know they had a drink,s end of year  21 people in our firm i was aged about 18 and said sorry i dont drink  after that  at other end of year do,s there was allways a soft drink,and even other do,s i just said i,m a driver i was any way  Bus,s and large trucks and had other,s on board  so never had any issues after,

    In my Mom,s family was different the guys did and some were one or two hard drinker,s and i saw the results , so i said no. and that was the end of it for myself, so sometimes the background comes into  what we do,


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    Im another one who rarely drinks and @noeleena is right sometimes its our background.. In my family hardly anyone drank but they still had a good time..

    Being sober around drunk people is the biggest bore and really puts you off alcohol,, OMG drunk people can be so darn difficult they are like spoiled children with too much sugar who are way past their bedtime its just so annoying. I spwent years telling people I was on medication that couldnt be taken with drink because even if I said I was driving they would say ‘oh but you can have one surely’..

    Just saying no doesnt get through to people.

    Having said all that I do sometimes like a glass of our home made red wine with dinner or a light cocktail on a sunny afternoon. But I couldnt imagine getting drunk in public and puking in the street or being so bad I couldnt walk.. I see young women on TV shows like this and wonder how they ever survive …



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    I’ve been around drunk people, cassandra: and it didn’t look good. They looked out of control, their eyes were wild and they couldn’t walk in a straight line. Having someone vomit, too, is awful. They can feel relaxed, but everyone knows they’re drunk and look down a little. Especially if it is a permanent problem, such as with alcoholism.

    I am not against alcohol. I just wouldn’t drink too much.

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