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Could You Live Without Chocolate Bars?

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    I couldn’t. I am completely addicted to chocolate: I cannot get enough. I eat chocolate every day. I also love cheese. I love quiche. I love pizza… the list goes on. I may not indulge in those foods, but with chocolate I do.

    I feed myself to stay healthy – although too much chocolate is not healthy – and keep my energy up, so I can carry out daily tasks. I also don’t want to collapse from hunger: it would mean missing my bus stop [if I used the bus: I can’t ATM due to the pandemic]. Food helps the body work. I also have to say, I don’t agree with meal replacement drinks: they don’t work as far as I’m concerned. A healthy diet and not starvation is my golden key.

    I realize this is all random, but these are my views.


    Have private messaged you back as promised KitKatKitty!


    Thank you, Rachel! I can’t reply until this evening, though: I have a full day ahead.

    Anyhow, enjoy your Wednesday, Rachel!


    could I live without chocolate bars?. sure I could. my favorite is gummy sweets and  crisps (love doritos!)


    would I want to live without chocolate bars?. probably not. crunchy bars and kit-cats are 2 staples of my shopping list, and next week, for a   change, I’m going with milky way.


    I could if I had too though. plenty of things for me to enjoy


    forgot to say: love mint aero


    Look forward to hearing from you KitKatKitty!


    I like chocolate, but I could live without it.


    I do actually prefer crisps to chocolate bars. I love chocolate. But – right now – have a craving for ridge steak crisps. I could munch on crisps forever. In fact, I may buy myself two packs today.

    I also enjoy my food in general. I’m over 40 years old now and don’t need to diet. There is no point. I do exercise, though:

    1. Tai Chi
    2. Walking here and there
    3. Step ups
    4. Use an exercise bike

    I keep myself fit. I also don’t overdo the food. I certainly don’t diet, though. I eat for health and to keep my energy levels up. Eating well keeps my body strong and healthy. My body would get sick without food. I hope that line resonates with anyon considering going on a diet. It’s not worth it. Just eat well. And also accept your body:

    1. I love my legs and have square hips
    2. I pamper myself with showers and beauty products
    3. I view and admire healthy and curvy women in the public eye
    4. I do gentle exercise
    5. I am aware of genuine food nutrition
    6. I don’t let others pressure me to starve myself
    7. I boost my self esteem in ways other than my appearance

    Those are the tips that keep me sane.


    I could live without chocolate bars… if I could still have chocolate chips, hee hee.

    I like sweet things more than salty, so chocolate, cake, and cookies are things I crave more often. But I try to keep to a small amount of them so that I don’t mess up my blood sugar levels.


    I love chocolate, but seldom have any these days. I would gorge on it at times but tend to be so busy I forget that I have some. I like lots of herbs and spices with food so have many exotic flavours to enjoy. I prefer them these days and find chocolate plain in comparison. When I remember though I do like to infuse chilli in melted chocolate and make drops. I ought to try with other spices.


    I find savoury dishes much more enjoyable than chocolate. I have always enjoyed my food. I do a lot of cooking, so know how to make many dishes. I also have eaten the odd takeaway: whether Chinese or Indian. Food is there to be enjoyed. And I would much rather have a delicious, large meal than gorge on chocolate.


    I ate an awful lot today:

    1. I had cereal for breakfast
    2. I ate sausages, potato cakes and hoops for lunch
    3. I ate an extra cheese toastie
    4. I ate meatballs with pasta and sprinkled with cheese for dinner
    5. I have eaten a chocolate bar

    I’ve eaten a fair amount!


    I do enjoy my food. I also try to keep a balance of what I eat. I wouldn’t eat non-stop but do treat myself occasionally to a bag of crisps. It isn’t a daily occurance, but maybe once or twice every few months. I only eat ice cream in the hot summer months. I don’t buy cookies BUT I do enjoy the odd mini cake.

    I do believe I have to give in and indulge to stop the craving getting worse. Once you’ve had your treat, you tend to stop wanting more. It is a clever trick of the brain. At least in my brain!


    I think I tend to binge a bit as, like yesterday when I had my usual very large fish with chips, I over eat then spend the next couple of days eating far less, so my weight fluctuates a lot.


    To keep my blood sugar more stable, I snack my way through the day. About 2.5 to 3 hours between is good for balancing blood sugar levels. So, less at one time, but often!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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