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Could You Live Without Chocolate Bars?

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    I am exactly the same, SpinningJen: if I eat a lot one day, the next day I’ll eat much less. It is like yesterday: I had two packs of crisps for lunch and so ended up having only a small dinner. Also, I might eat 2 or 3 mini cakes one week, but won’t touch mini cakes for another month: you get the gist. I DO indulge in food. However, not constantly. Giving in to cravings sometimes controls the urge to go mad and binge. A little of what you fancy stops you going overboard with what you fancy, basically.

    I do love my food, but am sensible on the whole.


    I’ve gone without chocolate for a week now: and I am feeling the cravings. Perhaps I should inhale chocolate?* I really am craving crisps and mini cakes, too. I am sure I’ll survive, but I definitely am suffering food cravings. Perhaps a little of what I fancy would stop these food urges? I do think it important to eat right, though: I wouldn’t deny myself proper, healthy main meals**. It is only sweet things I try to reduce.

    *Just joking!

    **And I don’t mean salad or apples by proper, main meals: I can’t stand apples and definitely find salads bland and boring. I hate salad, actually.


    If I give myself just a bit of chocolate, then the cravings don’t bother me so much. I find that regular milk chocolate gives me headaches at a normal serving size (like on the nutrition label) and so I go for a smaller taste. (My younger sister suspects it’s the caffeine to blame, since I cut out caffeine to avoid blood sugar issues.)

    I also use dairy-free mini chocolate chips when baking, so if I make a chocolate chip or double chocolate muffin, there’s a bit of chocolate fix! And I use half of a normal mug cake recipe when I make that occasionally, and it’s a peanut butter cake that you can put chocolate chips on once it comes out of the microwave. Yum!

    So, have a small amount and you shouldn’t need to worry about overindulging. 🙂 And, of course, eat your “real food” first. 😉


    Sometimes you do have to “give in”* to stop craving sweet stuff so much. Because the more you deny yourself, the more you want it: it’s a paradox. You can’t win.

    Also – in the end – hunger and needing to eat outweighs the diet. Not many people can be without food for too long. And if they say they do, they could be anorexic: or may be telling you porkies. Either way, they are manipulative liars. I know that sounds terrible, but those people aren’t helping others self esteem in any way, shape or form. Hence why building self esteem on something other than appearance is so important.

    I realize this has turned into a soapbox, but these are my views!

    *A common term in regard to food.


    I suddenly remembered that I had some chocolate in the fridge yesterday. It has been there for weeks but I had forgot. I don’t eat as many sweets these days but do have lots of fruit. I was thinking about yesterday when reading that you think salads bland and boring Kitty. I had some watercress for a change. I usually get spinach as it keeps better but the supermarket had non of my usual size. I love watercress but had forgotton how strong it is. You could hardly call it bland and boring. Give it a try! Like any other meal a salad is a balanced combination of flavours and there is a world of ingredients, not just the ready made supermarket ones which, I agree, are bland.


    I suppose the right salad wouldn’t be bland and boring. The old style salads of lettuce and tomatoes are so dull, though. I need flavour in my food. But I do agree with you. And I have just thought that using salad dressing might jazz up the meal. Having cubes of cheese, a few slices of quiche, a few boiled eggs, prawns… That kind of salad is right up my street.

    I am rather hungry now!


    I think my favourite salade is one with mixed leaves and tomatoes with small chunks of soft goat cheese sprinkled on it then a little ham or better still hot shredded bacon dropped over the top.

    For a veggie one add walnuts and a honey drizzle to the goat cheese.

    Nice dressing, one spoon mustard, one spoon mayo, one spoon honey,  two spoons oil and mix.. I know many honey mustard dressings have vineger but Im not a fan of the acidic flavour so this is milder.


    Salad dressing seems the key to jazzing up the daily salad! I do love cheese myself [although not goat’s cheese] : hot shredded bacon also sounds delicious.

    I actually prepare my sister her work lunch every week. Her salad consists of:

    1. Shredded lettuce
    2. Halved cherry tomatoes
    3. Thinly sliced cucumber
    4. Diced bell peppers
    5. Prawns

    My sister LOVES this salad. I always wash my hands prior to preparing any food. I also do a proper job. In fact, I cook lots of other food. I – virtually – help my sister with dinner each evening. I am good at chopping and preparing the food. Although I am not so good with cooking times and all that. Cooking, though, is a wonderful pastime. I have learnt a lot over the years about working in a kitchen.

    To be honest, I find cooking for only myself boring and waste of time, so only make the effort when I am eating with friends and/or family. I hate eating alone. I see eating dinner as a way to bond and connect with other people. Again – eating alone – is so lonely, boring and makes you not want to bother cooking. As I’ve said, I only cook when I’m eating with others.

    Are any of you guys of the same mind?


    To me it is always better when cooking for more people to apreciate it. That said, I love to cook for myself too. Usually I try to do things which will cook within an hour. That’s easier with smaller potions anyway. I can usually get timings down to the minute so it fits in with other things. That also includes the washing up too. Most of that is done before I even start to eat (again easier when only cooking for one or two). I like a tasty meal and seldom find cooking boring. It’s almost back to my chemistry set of schooldays. Cooking up a witches broth lol.


    I simply cannot cope without chocolate. Tomorrow I will be buying myself a Mars Bar to curb the craving. I know this sounds dramatic, but I really cannot live without chocolate.

    Strange but true!


    I’m never without chocolate chips for baking, so that can help if we actually ran out of items in the “dessert chocolate” container in the pantry cupboard – but that’s usually overfull. Gotta have something on hand when the craving strikes!

    I’m just having small amounts lately, though – less sugar ingested and also less possibility of getting a headache from the chocolate itself.


    I have just been given two bars of chocolate as presents so should be Ok for a while. It’s dark chocolate so I am less tempted to eat it all at once lol I used to enjoy Mars bars Kitty but have not had one for years.


    The old Mars Bar: I even wrote a poem about it! LOL.

    Anyhow – joking aside – Mars Bars are really nice. I love ’em.

    What is YOUR favourite chocolate, SpinningJen? Do you like Lindt or Green & Black? Cadbury?

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    Probably Cadbury but I so seldom have any, other than that which people buy for me that I have all kinds. I did not use to like dark chocolate much but have aquired a bit of a taste for it over recent years.


    I’m not as addicted to candy as I used to be. I do enjoy a hershey bar, almond joy, or mounds, but I don’t think Id miss them much if I never had them again.

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