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    … and other workers who keep our country clear of rubbish and muck. Both in communities and the streets in general.

    They have to deal with muck and rubbish on a daily basis, yet we never give them credit. They are the stars that deal with waste disposal and keep England clean. Their jobs are so, so important. I hate dirt and mess, so seeing these workers on TV makes me realize how valuable they are and how valuable their job is. Because getting rid of rubbish keeps our lives clean and organized. I cannot praise these people enough, because who would do it instead? And it also goes to show everyone in the economic system has value and importance: even that person staffing the trolleys in Tesco.


    Its true there are lots of people in really badly paid jobs who keep our society running and keep it clean and germ free and they are all starts because lets face it how many of us would want those jobs?

    Yet these people are rarely valued or put in the limelight and most are almost invisible to the average person.

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    Without rubbish collectors and public hygiene workers we’d all live in filth. Their work can be mucky, but someone has to do it. So we can all live in a hygienic society. Cleaning is so, so important.

    Credit to all our public hygiene workers.


    Oh how I adnired their strong stomachs today… Its our green bin day,  food vegetable and garden waste and those bins were stinking ..

    It made my stomach churn just to walk past but the boys were out there working in horrible heat with that nasty smell..No complaints..



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