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    I have always wondered why nobody seems to bat an eyelid when a child tears the legs off a spider or we see so called celebrities eating live insects on tv shows but then we rightly go crazy when we hear or witness cruelty to animals like cats and dogs.

    Why do we allow cruelty to bugs and smaller creatures but not allow it for larger animals? Surely smaller creatures feel pain too? Interested to hear what others think about this…



    I an surprised nobody has replied to this one yet peeko. I think it would be a bit silly if we started prosecuting people for cruelty to insects and the like but think it is a bit hypocritical of us to frown at cruelty to mammals and larger animals but not really care about other, smaller creatures. We even sell poison to kill of the animals we dont like! Oh and on the subject of fishing I have heard some people that fish claim that they dont feel pain when a hook is rammed through their lips. I am not convinced about that!


    I don’t think it’s okay to let a child tear the legs off spiders. People wonder why there is so much crime and why people do such awful things to each other, but compassion has to be taught when a person is young in order for the brain to form more compassionate pathways. Yes, objectively there is a difference between a little boy tearing the legs off a spider and a young man raping a woman. Subjectively though it is much the same to the individual tearing legs off or raping and torturing because of the different stages of brain development. I’m not saying that any little kid who is allowed to tear legs off spiders WILL grow up to be a rapist, but I am pointing out that the behavior patterns set early in life encourage certain paths that a person will take later.

    As for eating bugs, anything eaten should be okay because we all feed off the death of something else. Even plants have to die when we eat them, and how are we to know if it hurts a plant? We know that the mimosa plant curls up its leaves when it is touched, but just because another plant doesn’t react when we touch it doesn’t mean it can’t feel. Okay, plants don’t have a “brain” – at least not like a mammal, but how do we know that it doesn’t have something that registers its environment in a way that we do not understand? What if the whole plant is a “brain” of sorts? And even if the plant can not feel anything, does that make it right to kill it just because we don’t want it? If you could kill a person that you didn’t want in a way that wasn’t painful, that is considered wrong (unless it’s a state-sanctioned death penalty, and then it’s considered debatable). So why is it okay to kill a weed in our yard?

    That said, I have been know to do some weeding myself… so I guess I can reverse this and ask if it’s okay to kill a weed just because we don’t want it there, why is it not okay to kill a human who makes people unhappy and has no redeeming characteristics?

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