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    I reckon the above is a great website! Emily Schuman is the founder of Cupcakes and Cashmere. There are two books, as well. Do Google it. There are sections: fashion/beauty/series/food/entertaining/etc. It’s great!

    This isn’t spam, though! I just think this website is well worth checking out.


    Thank you for your tip, I’m going to try taking a look!


    I have been following Cupcakes and Cashmere for years. I just love the design and content. Emily Schuman is model material, too. I love her lipstick posts. I am in love with lipstick myself!

    Anyhow, let me know what you think.

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    I’ve been getting into lipstick more lately, for years I just sort of used a gloss.  I’m finding I feel much more confident when I’m wearing some, I’m not exactly sure why, but it really helps.

    My favorite shade right now is Hot Lava.  I’m also partial to Mesmerizing Magenta and Ravishing Rose.  I’ll often wear Ruby for Me when I’m going on a date.

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    Lipstick is addictive, isn’t it? I love wearing it. In fact, I shall start wearing it daily, starting from today. I have a fair few colours: I don’t want to wear red all the time. I do love Clarins and MAC. They are the “expensive” brands but are what I choose.

    Talking about expensive: I use L’Oreal night cream on my face, every night after cleansing. It costs around $12, but I LOVE it. I have been using it every night for years and years.

    Back to lipstick: lipstick is a wonderful luxury. The shade “Hot Lava” sounds gorgeous. What brand is it?

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    Oh I use L’Oreal Revitalift cream for my eyes; I apply every morning after my shower and at night when I take my contacts out and clean off my makeup.  I do feel it’s been making my eye area feel a bit springier.

    My lipstick is just Maybelline, not very expensive, just about $6 each.  I like the Hot Lava also because it doesn’t come off on everything as easily as many of my other colors do.


    This is my Hot Lava.

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    Seriously gorgeous! I am wearing a Rimmel London dark burgundy colour today. I can’t post any pictures, unfortunately, but it’s a lovely colour. I shall wear lipstick daily now.

    You’d be right to do the same with your looks! Lipstick is a wonderful cosmetic.


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