Curvy Women In Fashion

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    I think it’s wonderful curvy women are featured in fashion magazines and the catwalks now. I think people realize not all women are built the same. The slim look is very attractive, but curvy is also sexy. It is about personal taste and genetics. I also think women in music – like Nicki Minji – are showing that the anorexic look went out of fashion years ago.

    What are YOUR thoughts on curvy women in fashion and music? Do you feel inspired and empowered by them? Personally speaking, I do. They have shown we don’t all have to look the same and that sexy is a personal preference. And skinny is also sexy. Being stylish is about an inner feeling in your heart and a feeling of self acceptance. Not about whether you’re skinny or curvy. BOTH are acceptable.

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    My daughter has a beautiful friend who has all the looks of a fashion model but she is plus size.  She is drop dead gorgeous even though she is a size more and she is very inspirational.

    I think seeing real women instead of all the size zero models  should be a must for all fashion designers, if they can only design clothes for the hanger they are not good at their jobs imo.

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    I’m happy to see that curvy women are included in fashion.  Some might think it’s glorifying an unhealthy image.  If losing weight were easy, we’d all be thin.  We might as well try to look our best on that journey to better health.


    I think everyone is acceptable. I also thing that we like people we can relate to so each of us would have someone of similar size and build with the look that we would realistically aspire to. I don’t like to see too extreme in either direction (under or overweight) as it is not a good example.

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    I do think there is a difference between curvy and morbidly obese..

    There is also a difference between slim and stick thin like some of the models we see strutting on the cat walk..

    Clothes should be designed for real people and that goes for men too.. Not all men are hunky broad shouldered specimens. Some are thin and tall.. My brother could never find trousers to fit his 6’3″height and 31 ” waist . My OH is short but he used to be very broad over the chest and arms his work built muscles and Tshits would be either miles too long but fit the width or fit the length and be so tight he couldnt get his arms in them.


    I’m happy to see that curvy women are included in fashion. Some might think it’s glorifying an unhealthy image. If losing weight were easy, we’d all be thin. We might as well try to look our best on that journey to better health.

    Those same people don’t seem to think that anorexic is unhealthy 🙁

    I’m glad, and I enjoy seeing more “real” women in fashion.  We need healthy body images for all types of women, and not have the traditional sexist and misogynistic shaming that we all need to be stick-thin.

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    I think men’s clothes are made to virtually the same pattern all the time  unlike ours, it is almost that designers spend more time concentrating on ladies wear that they think the average guy will buy just about anything as long as it is comfortable. My OH always has trouble buying clothes that actually fit him and make him look good, usually trousers are too long and shirts to wide and long also. He even bought a ladies puffa coat as we both liked the fit on him ( not in pink though lol ).

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    Yes the days of the fitted suit now seem long gone but it still looks good for the right occasion. I think quite a few of the younger males tend to try womens clothing these days perhaps for better style and even fit.

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    I agree Jen a well fitted suit on a slim guy still looks great for the right occasion.


    Men’s fashion can often be ignored. It is assumed a man will wear anything, as long as it’s comfortable and fairly well designed. But men are fashion creatures, too and also need to have clothing with style. And I don’t just mean tailored suits. I mean jackets, shirts and sweaters that are on male catwalk shows. Plus, trousers with patterns and various materials: not just denim or cotton.

    If I were a man, I would want to dress with style: even casually. And not simply dress for comfort. Men are equally as attractive as women and also need consideration in society, in terms of appearance. Designers need to advertise their male clothing better, frankly. And also supply their men’s fashions better in mainstream shops.

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