Cute Guy In Tesco!

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    He is the cashier assistant. His name is Thomas and he is very cute! [I just thought it’d be a fun thread!]

    Have you seen any cute guys when shopping? Would you introduce yourself? I won’t myself, but he is a cutie.


    Ive been married for forever so Im not looking for love but, hoping to get one of the male assistents in a DIY store to help and failing to attract their attention I called  ‘hey sexy’ all four turned around, I pointed and smiled and the ‘lucky ‘man wandered over only to be asked to get something heavy from the racks! His face was a picture.


    There was ponce a man on an escalator behind me who smelled divine, so I turned and asked him what scent it was that he used.. His eyes were so intense blue I have no idea what he said but I nodded and thanked him anyway!


    I don’t typically notice men in grocery stores.  I hate shopping so much that I make a list, arranged by aisle, so I can get in and out of the store as quickly as possible.


    I don’t look a lot at men in stores but do often chat to assistants. I find men very helpful when I go to DIY stores. I think they often think I don’t know what I want or much about things which, I suppose, is true sometimes. They are often young and fit LOL. Smile sweetly and say something to Thomas just to get you noticed Kitty. Lead in slowly before introductions.  You never know!


    I’ll give it a go! Thomas is utterly cute.


    I haven’t made a move yet: my dad is there, so I am stuck.

    Still, he is a looker!


    In these liberated days I would use the old quote: “Faint heart never won fair maiden”. You know what you have to do!

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    This should  work.  LMAO!

    Legally Blonde – The Bend and Snap


    Sadly for myself, I’ve started noticing cute guys more since I got into a serious relationship.  Now that I’m married, there’s really no hope for anything lol, but I do notice guys a lot of the time.  And these days I seem to be much more successful at catching their attention, probably because I’m not looking at my feet all the time.

    I’ve had a lot of bad luck in the past getting a guy to ask me out.  I’m probably not one to give advice in this area, lol!

    I do seem to find a lot of guys like it if you simply smile at them, and act like you want them to talk to you.  Keep eye contact as much as you can, and stroke his ego.  If you can get an opportunity to touch him in some way, like just lightly tapping his hand or arm, I think that works a lot.

    Good luck!  Let us know!


    Well, cute guy in Tesco served my dad and myself today! Thomas looks even better closer up. But I didn’t say anything to Thomas. He seemed indifferent to me, though. I am rather stuck, because he would be breaking the rules if he spoke to me in a personal way. I like him from afar, though. He’s pretty cute!


    I don’t see a problem if you are discreet Kitty. I know it is early and much quieter when I do my supermarket shopping but I use the same till operators most weeks and have formed a bit of a friendship with them. Don’t forget that these people see an endless stream of people and it can become routine. It is nice to brighten his day with some form of compliment. If nothing else he will likely be pleased to see you and likely give you better service. Smile and say something!


    I will try. But I am also a little shy around the guys.

    You’d never have guessed from my posts!


    Like most of you I have been married a number of years and yes you don’t always look at store male assistants as potential lovers but sometimes there is a really helpful guy usually younger than you and you find yourself chatting to him more than you would do normally. You can make them uncomfortable if you look in their eyes though lol.


    I chickened out of talking to Thomas the other day: I could kick myself.

    I was just leaving the supermarket – a different one to where Thomas works – and there he was, all alone. AND? I didn’t say anything to him. Something stopped me.

    Maybe it wasn’t meant to be? I know I ducked out. It’s a shame, really, but I’m putting this one aside and moving on.


    I understand that he might consider it creepy, I think though if he was that good looking I would be tempted to at least say hullo.

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