Cute Guy In Tesco!

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    Sometimes it is just intuition which stops us doing something. Instinct is something to use. Being fairly chatty, I tend to say hello at least and, if it seemed the thing to do (instinct / intuition too – probably subconciously from his body language) I would quite likely ask if he had changed his job or something. At least then I might have a clue where to find him lol

    I remember, years ago, that it happened quite often, after meeting someone at a party or disco and nothing transpired, I would see them pretty much the day after somewhere, with opportunity to say something. If I didn’t after that point I often never ever saw them again. Strange? Supernatural?

    Anyway enough about my ramblings – Follow your heart and feelings Kitty, be careful but don’t be afraid of saying hello!


    Interesting view Jen, I am a chatty person and in a shop environment we do chat to people who work there especially if they are cute guys lol.  Outside of that we do look at their body language and often think they do not want to speak to us. I think you should follow your heart too as it may be written in the stars that you get together Kitty.


    Something did stop me talking to him, SpinningJen: and not just fear. I was held back. Maybe there was a good reason: a reason I can’t explain? Plus, I can still admire Thomas every Friday I go to Tesco! For all I know, he could have a girlfriend: or even be gay. You never know: and I am being serious.

    Anyhow, onwards and upwards!



    Said cutie was directing all Tesco customers through the car park and general vincity, so that only a certain number of people could get into the store. I asked him [through lack of ideas] if I had to re-apply hand sanatizier from official after using the Tesco loos. A great start! LOL.


    I know how you feel Kitty,  maybe when this is all over you can get a chance to chat to him properly.


    You lot honestly lol


    Now you’ve got me reminiscing!

    Hope don’t bore you all heres my flirty memory

    1987 first marriage, been married almost 2yrs it was the first sunny day of the year and my then RAF husband was away on a long detachment to Norway from RAF Brize Norton. I was really down and lonely RAF camps were such dead places at weekends so I got made up and went and had my hair done at a local hairdressers. Hair done and feeling a bit lifted I tottered over to the NAFFI super market. As we do I bought far to much and struggled out the door to make my way awkwardly home. As I left an American Air Force Policeman (in uniform) offered his assistance. His big dark skinned arms swallowed up all of my shopping in one swoop! I, of course, came over all unnecessary and made my way a short distance to my married quarter flat making ridiculous small talk. Upon my arrival I unlocked the door and asked him if he’d mind placing my purchases on the kitchen on the table. On doing so I realised before leaving I’d taken my laundry out of the washing machine and placed said “smalls” on same kitchen table! So I said it’s ok “I’ll just take them off you” in a slightly panicked tone.  As I attempted to extricate the bags from his arms to mine his left hand came wedged on my right boob! In an attempt to rectify that situation I stepped back and wobbled on my heels and started falling backwards, whereupon his big black hand manoeuvred quickly to save me and my shopping giving me a rather mild slap on my backside! We both blushed and made more idiotic conversation and he left quiet quickly.
    Certainly gave me the sweats and colywobbles!

    Flirt! I could hardly look at him whenever he smiled and said hello after that!

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    Saying I will take them off for you is a response that could lead to some flirty chat lol.  Besides it is always nice to keep a guy on his toes especially if he likes you.


    i would probably chicken out but fortune does favour the brave!

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