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    My favorite conductor- he conducted the Met for 4 decades. Absolutely their best conductor since Arturo Toskinini. He too was caught up in this “me too” movement with 4 youngsters (boys no less) that he took on as students.  I’m beginning to wonder if this “me too” movement isn’t being overdone- and most of it comes years after the fact with with no actual evidence.


    #MeToo is a media farce allowing frustrated women to damage men and gain popularity with little or no evidence of wrong doing. Worst part is always distant past clouding any accountability by accusers.



    <span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>Makes normal relationships harm by making guys afraid to hook up with normal woman like us. </span>

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    I have no way to say what did or did not happen, but it does seem a lot of stars are being accused of such things: surely they can’t all be guilty? It is a witch hunt. I won’t share my personal thoughts, but I hope only those who are guilty pay the price.


    I think you’re right Kitty. All these guys can’t be guilty, and there’s no shred of evidence in most cases. And why let YEARS go by before you open your mouth. James Levine, by the way is suing the MET for improper breach of contract. Hope he wins.

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