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Deeply Rooted Magazine – Glorifying God in Womanhood

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    Dear Mr. & Mrs. Jago, whomever else this may concerns, everyone both on/ff of here:,

    I am back yet again to let you know that this particular is right for me. Since the other one turned out such horrible experience regarding their online presence and not taking unsolicited stories as well. Tell you the truth I found this before the other one. At the time felt that it wasn’t after.

    @deeplyrootedmag #bedeeplyrooted

    Think that’s it for now.

    Thank you, again, advance.

    Yours truly,

    Jessica ABruno (waybeyondfedup)


    It is good for people for whom it is new. I myself prefer to read the bible because it is my manifest and my only guide. Everything I want and need to know is written there. Sometimes it helps to join local groups to exchange thoughts. I don’t need this anymore because nobody’s a saint and I don’t need other people to preach me what to do while doing bad things themselves.

    A hoodie for 60$? Come on!


    There are religious hypocrites out there. They’ll preach to the choir, then go out and abuse a child. Of course, not all religious people cause harm, but for those that do, they don’t understand God at all: if there is a God. And even if there was a God – or higher power – he would not let someone into heaven who hurt others: no matter how religious the perpetrator. There are so many people preaching the words of God that have no right to. My aunt went to a religious school as a young girl and the Nun’s were violent and nasty. And they were supposed to be teaching the word of God. This subject really gets to me, when I think of innocence lost because of those who should have known better. Anyhow, that is what I think.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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