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    I got this medication from Holland & Barrett. It doesn’t taste very nice, but is supposed to help with the gut and bacteria in the gut. I have been using it for a week now: it does help. I spotted an advert for it in “Good Housekeeping” magazine. Mind, it’s expensive, though: I paid $21 for a box of 90.

    I shall continue to use it and hope it deals with the bacteria in my gut.

    This isn’t spam, but I felt it worth posting about. I did – in fact – use another homopathy product from H&B but that came from grains, which worsen my gut activity. I can’t digest grains or the suchlike. This Dida controls the bacteria in the gut and doesn’t contain any grain product.

    Do YOU use homepathy products? Not necessarily from H&B, but homopathy medication in general?


    I must admit I think healthy eating in general is better than taking supplements and in fact my doctor recently told me I was not allowed to take my “over 50”  multi-vitamin because many of my levels were too high.we plenty of green vegetables and high-fibre things such as wholemeal bread and cereals, we also eat live yoghurt which I make myself this seems to keep us nice and healthy.

    I do take glucosamine simply because I don’t eat shellfish and I know my joints are suffering from age and arthritis.




    I agree with your approach Cassandra. Except for yoghurt, which I don’t like at all, I probably have a very similar diet. Lots of fruit and veg, probably equating to 10 a day or more rather than five. I suppose one thing you could describe as additional is malt with cod liver oil. I don’t take it because I need it. I was given it when I was little and love the taste. It sweetens my breakfast. There are other things I have like many seeds which most people don’t have in their daily diet. I also have things like fresh tumeric root, which I have been eating for years. Well before the recent mentions of health benefits. My diet is probably more fish based than meat but nothing to excess. There are some things that I don’t digest well, but if I like it I eat it. Luckily, as far as I know, I am not allergic to anything.


    There are foods that I don’t digest well either, SpinningJen: I just avoid them on the whole. I won’t mention what they are, but needless to say there are foods I avoid.

    But the Dida is just there to assist my gut deal with bacteria. I realize pills don’t solve everything, but it is an experiment to see how I get on with these pills. I do also find peppermint capsules [prescribed by my doctor] help soothe my tummy. There are many different points-of-view about herbal medicines, but they are worth a shot in my book.

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