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    I do. I believe we all have a right to be here and to be respected. I could never spit on someone or call someone trash: I wouldn’t lower myself to that level. I believe money does not necessarily buy class and guts. There are billionares who’ve wronged the world, yet angelic people who are poor: in money, at least. But rich in their soul.

    I think class and guts come from within: not a bank account. Having money doesn’t make someone worth more than the other. I respect people who work in McDonald’s and factories and all other types of work. They work hard and deserve respect. Especially the disabled.

    This does not mean I think money is evil and I don’t insult myself or think everyone is better than me: I just believe everyone is worthwhile and important and that NO ONE is trash. Not even the homeless or mentally ill.

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    everyone equal isnt that communism?

    Sorry just joking.. I love watching things like star trek where people no longer strive for money or possesions but they just strive to do the best they can. If only we could live like that it would be great but Im sorry to say greed still rules our world.


    You’re right there, cassandra: greed does rule our world. Many go too far to get what they want and don’t mind destroying/bullying/attacking/murdering people who get in their way. Those are the ones that burn. That billionaire who did so much damage and died recently was such a person and I am sure he is being roasted right now by Old Nick. But there are people with lesser money who go straight to heaven. This all seems very religious, but those are my beliefs. I see the negative in having money. BUT money is not the root of all evil: evil comes from the soul and money tempts us all. A bit of fun and a bit of money is fine, but if greed has reached a point where the person wants to murder/attack/whatever others, then that is where problems stem.

    Now I won’t lie: I like having a bit of money and being able to buy things. But I’d rather have God’s riches than sign the devil’s contract and live in greed. Morality wins out when I think of money. I know I am being religious, but these are my views.


    Money isn’t evil, nor is having it.  The love of money is the root of all evil.  Some people make a lot of money, but do good things with it…some don’t.  That doesn’t mean those people are evil, either.  There’s nothing wrong with spending it on yourself, as long as it’s not ill gotten.

    What I really can’t stand are those who wield their wealth like a weapon and think they can buy another person’s soul, so to speak.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who would compromise their ethics and values for a bit of money.


    I agree, TestDummyC: money itself is not evil. It is how it is used that determines whether someone is “evil” or not. Just a tangent: being evil – to me – is deliberately hurting others for my own gain. I am not evil for being able to pay the rent, when someone out there is homeless. I would not give up my home to someone else. It is like I wouldn’t give all my money to charity. This doesn’t make me evil. Again, if I lured someone into my flat and attacked them, then I would be. What I am trying to say is, the world as it is. I know this: I always have. Now stealing someone’s lottery ticket would be evil. I feel because I make my money fair and square I have a right to that money. But those who get it by ill gotten gains are evil and need to be stopped.

    Basically, I don’t think everyone who has money is evil or bad or whatever. But there is greed in the world and I want no part of it. I would still rather be of lesser money than being those things I’ve mentioned and suffering in my life. But most people feel the same as me. Money – again – is not evil in itself.

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    I am afraid that I feel things get too complicated for me. Evil is a relative term and acts may be viewed very differently from various viewpoints. Apart from ‘greed’ appearing evil so is ‘jealousy’.  Really any extreme can be. I used to think people should be paid equally (really communism) as some would like a simpler life and others would still be brain surgeons, but it would mean acceptance by everyone. Going back to communism – In practice that has never meant equality.


    Hope things all good with you KitKatKitty, have private messaged you in response to your message.


    Thank you, Rachel! I will reply as soon as I can.


    The problem with being equal and being all paid the same is that we’re not really are we.. If you could imagine studying for 6 or 7 years to become a vet or a surgeon and finding out that the guy down the road who empties the bins gets paid as much as you do …Well why would anyone want to put in the effort?

    To be equal would be lovely but its a dream that is far from real life,  even natural life because lets face it even the more accomplished cave man ate better than the short sighted one with a hand full of thumbs.

    The  best we can hope for is that poeple start to see that everyone from bin man and drain cleaner to brain surgeon and chemist have their place in making society run smoothly, a good social system supported by those who can and used by those less able is essential in this and education based on ability rather than money would be my first choices.


    If you could imagine studying for 6 or 7 years to become a vet or a surgeon and finding out that the guy down the road who empties the bins gets paid as much as you do …Well why would anyone want to put in the effort?

    I can only really speak for myself here but I was only really interested in earning enough money for a comfortable life and was far more interested in how things work and relate. I spent quite a few years at different colleges, more intent on an interesting job rather than making pots of money. I know I could have earned far more if I pushed and was agressive but I was always more interested in knowledge than that. Dustman would not have worked for me as it may well be a change for a week or two but I would get bored, and probably would not fit into that social circle. Yes- I do generally agree Cassandra but there are people out there who would put in the time.


    Look forward to hearing back from you KitKatKitty!


    I see what you’re saying SpinningJen: I have made no money from my poetry and other books. But I still write poems – although I have not written any short stories for a long time – and put in 100% effort. Creative writing comes from enjoyment and just wanting to create something. If I wrote for money, I would’ve given up writing years ago. I have had much of my work put in print, but the idea of making money seems to have disappeared from my mind. I accept I’ll never make much money, but plan to carry on writing poems for years to come.

    Cassandra: I also see what you’re saying. I can understand not wanting to do studying when you’d end up making a pittance. But I suppose that is the way it is for many people. I mean, we have doctors and counsellors and therapists, shop workers, etc.  but they are still deeply important, even though rarely millionaires. And there is truth in what you say: sometimes making money can be done quickly when in the right job. And you don’t always have to study for years and years to get that right job. So many people who don’t go to university have ended up millionaires. This is true.

    A few points-of-view.

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