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    It seems odd, but I do. I believe I have been here before: I don’t want to say any more than that. I know, though, that I had been evil. Thankfully I’m not evil in this life. But the person I had been, had been. I wouldn’t say what exactly I did, but it was pure evil.

    Maybe karma stems from the former life? Do you believe you’re living out your karma? I do know Eastern religions believe all this. But I feel it is true from my intuition.

    Do YOU believe you’ve been here before? If so, who had you been?

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    I don’t know but I do know our brains are complex. They are maybe working on many planes and alternate realities at once. Sometime the reality may be confused with the non-real. I have had dreams which have seemed so real that now I cannot remember whether the incidents really happened or not.

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    I am an atheist I dont /cant buy into the idea of almighty spirit beings watching over us.

    Yet I do beleive there are things we do not yet fully understand  re-incarnation in the sense many understand it is not for me but the idea that we can project a little of our consiousness at the time of our passing like the last spark of a dying fire which reignites the flames is a nice idea.

    I like this quote about dying and being dead. * There are three deaths. The first is when the body ceases to function. The second is when the body is consigned to the grave. The third is that moment, sometime in the future, when your name is spoken for the last time.*

    I hope my immortality will be in the wisdom and love I leave behind not in some spirit or return in bug form, but death is the last great adventure and only those who take it know its secret..


    The brain is an incredible self-aware machine and – even today – science does not yet fully understand it. And will we ever? Maybe there are reasons behind why people could be reincarnated. Not everyone believes in the soul, but I do. All my brain really knows is itself: and has its own functions. Thoughts and emotions dominate me and I am too emotional [sometimes] to believe I am without a soul. All I know it myself. Of course, I am aware of others, but if someone went through something troubling – like being punched or yelled at – I wouldn’t swap places, would I? The brain is very selfish and only looks out for itself.

    Reincarnation would be amazing if it were true: to travel from lifetime to lifetime, learning much along the way. I often wonder what would be at the end of my journey: even if it took years and years to reach the goal.

    Also, if that belief comforts some people, then they should be free to have those beliefs.

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    I must admit there have been times in my life that I have envied those with faith, They have a God they can lean on a Church where they can seek solace,  in my case I am alone with myself and my logical self.

    I think whatever helps a person gets through the troubled times they have in life is fine as long as they dont hurt or force their beliefs on others.


    I agree, cassandra: if having faith helps someone get through tough times in life, that is their prerogative. But it wouldn’t be right for them to force their beliefs onto others. I have my own beliefs, but I would never vocalize them or tell someone they have to think or believe the same. Beliefs should be personal: not something to be forced onto others.


    Yes I believe it. I remember I lived in Egypt many centuries ago. I lived in France too and in Northen Places in Europe with Druids.


    I don’t believe in spiritual God or Gods. I believe in Mother Earth and pure Energy.


    You have every right to your beliefs, Amleta. There are so many out there. I think everyone has their own personal view of such matters. I just wouldn’t take someone who thought the earth was flat seriously. Some beliefs I do think are ridiculous, but I don’t tell them that! LOL.


    To play the devil? Remember the ‘Matrix’. Things are however the software depicts. Prove otherwise lol.

    Sorry 🙁


    I feel I struggle a lot too with the idea of being reborn but without your memories.

    I feel I much prefer the idea of Heaven, and a second resurrection.  I’d like to think I’m a single unique person, rather than my spirit being shared by multiple people .. if I’m making sense?

    If I ever got reincarnated as a man I think I’d want to mulligan out of that one.

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