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Do You Believe In The Supernatural?

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    I do! It sounds wacky, but I believe there is another side to the universe. There are so many things we do not understand and the way the world works is not always crystal clear. Many, many strange things happen and maybe they happen for a reason. Maybe God is not the only force beyond our control. Because – if there is a god – he/she/it is beyond thought and beyond comprehension. No one has ever been able to fully explain God, although religions think they’re able to. Whether or not they do, I do not know.

    I also believe in psychics and other such abilities [telepathy, for one]. It is odd, but it is an odd universe. And who knows what is on the other side?


    No God for me in the sense of the all powerful creative being. No Satan either.

    That there is more between heaven and earth than we understand? undoubtedly. Mediums and such, no. Even though I know some family have had extrodinary readings. One told my mother she heard a man singing and mentioned a song my grandfather used to sing to my mother just to annoy her. An odd and unexpected thing because no one had given their name or any details before going in.

    But no there are just too many fakes.

    Having said that I lived in a house with a mind of its own. My husband and I would hear our names called from other rooms even though there was no one there The tv, lights, radio, etc would all go on and off  change channel or volume at will even after the elctrics were all renewed and when we tried to sell the house every time someone viewed huge damp patches would appear on walls that contained no pipework ! When we painted over one wall te word help appeared in the drying paint. Strange,  but even that does not convince me there is some other spirit world.

    I daresay there is more intelligent life in the universe but why would it waste its time with us? We are still savages in our infancy.



    I know there are strange things that we do not understand. To me, it is superstition and religion which tend to cloud things. People have to feel they are either in control or whatever happens can be attributed to god. There seem to be people about who do either have some understanding of these things, or more likely / often, are not afraid so live with them.



    Maybe if there was God – and maybe even Satan – then all they are, are energies. An old, dear friend, believed that Satan was an energy, rather than a self aware being. But a negative energy. Maybe all God is, is a conciousness beyond human thought. Not a person as such.

    But the universe is a strange place. Even in quantum mechanics, the atoms/molecules/particles act strangely and not like you’d expect at all. Also, many believe the universe to be a paradox. But the universe does not think like a person: the universe has its own rules and science is slowly discovering those rules.

    Talking about science and the supernatural seems odd, but they are closely mixed. Science has had its fair share of mysteries.

    I keep an open mind.


    @KitKatKitty I think your last posts highlights why although I have no religion Buddhism is the nearest thing to my beleif in that the answer lies witin ourself.  Instead of asking God to help us or thinking Satan is responsible for all the bad stuff,  the answer is in us.

    If we allow ourselves to be consumed by negativity and greed for things we will be unhappy. If we let go, treat others as we wish to be treated and try to be the best person we can be I think we gain an inner happiness.

    As for science yes it is gradualy unfolding more of the mysteries we previously saw as signs from God or supernatural, just think how early man reacted to eclipses or shooting stars , they were all omens  from the Gods… Nonsense of course and yet many of us still read our horoscoop, ?


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    I believe in God, as in I believe God created the universe and is part of us, and that our mortal lives aren’t the totality of our existence.  My personal belief is that the universe is God and is self aware and eternal, and there’s only one consciousness energy and each of us is like a leaf on a single tree.

    I don’t believe in supernatural presence though, like that interact with our lives.  I guess I just feel there’s too much conflict with science, in that like with how energy, mass, and force works and everything, that you have to have something to exert force on something to make change, you can’t just have something non-existent altering our world, if I’m making sense?  I don’t believe God “helps” people by curing illnesses or helping you get a job or something.

    I don’t believe in jinxes, like I remember once long ago coworkers would freak out if I talked about how it wasn’t very busy, as if like me saying that would somehow send waves out to other people and make them change their day and decide to come to our business instead of doing something else … I just can’t wrap my head around that, I feel like to believe that, I’d have to think I’m the center of the universe or something, you know what I mean?

    I do love things like horoscopes, tarot, palmistry, and so on … but only for fun.  I’d never, ever base any of my decision making on those.

    Oh something that gets me into a lot of trouble with my science fiction friends, is I don’t believe alien life exists.  I just feel I’m sort of agnostic about it I guess, like I wouldn’t deny if there’s proof, I just don’t think it’s at all very likely that there’s another planet out there capable of supporting life, and I don’t believe we’ll ever travel out of our solar system.


    It is interesting to think another way about alien life. Thinking of ourselves then all the way to microbes and things which in comparison are alien. Then thinking about such things floating in the atmosphere which they do. Then, one way or another, being carried into space. This has been going on for millions of years. A remote idea but over millions of years? There may be a colony of at least microbes somewhere, originally from here. Would we call them alien life? Would science then gradually learn they were originally from here? I think yes! The future of forensic archaeology will be very interesting. That is even without considering life from other places.



    I agree with much of what you’ve said, Mamie. I also think it is best to take palm reading, tarot cards, horoscopes, etc. lightly. Because it is science that explains the world, everything in the world and the entire universe. Science is why we’ve got our computers. Science is why people go on airplanes. Of course, we don’t have all the answers in science yet, but there will always be phenomena that science does not have the explanation for.

    But this being said, I am interested in the supernatural and the unexplained. I am also fascinated by witchcraft. Although I would never decide to be a witch or believe in its result [i.e: spells, curses, etc.].

    Religion has beautiful stories. In school I read a Hindu story of two gods. Really beautiful, but I would not be Hindu myself. What I am trying to say is I respect the world’s religions, but am scientific all the way.

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