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Do You Believe You Have A Soulmate?

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    I’d like to. But maybe there is more than one soulmate in our lives.

    I will meet another in my life. My first soulmate was Michael: he’s not famous, but we had a bond. I miss him terribly.

    Anyhow, who is/was your soulmate?


    My soulmate was a platonic relationship. But he knew me , I always said he never looked at me but he looked into me and saw my soul.

    He was always there for me and always knew when I needed him most . He died on Oct 29th 2012 his name was Oscar and he was a border collie.

    Ive had many dogs including the two I have now but there has never been one who connected with me like Oscar did.


    I have never really had a soulmate for any length of time. There have been occasions when I have fleetingly connected with someone although, thinking on Cassandra’s post, I do remember our dog Dinky from years ago. We had a very close bond although I only really realised it later.


    I do believe animals have souls. I don’t see how an animal could not.

    The cats that visit my dad’s house [long story] I LOVE and always pet and feed them the odd dreamie. They are such beautiful animals. I absolutely love them.

    Animals are self aware: not just aware of pain. They DO have souls.


    Have responded back to your message from the morning KitKatKitty!


    I once had an ex boyfriend who became my soulmate as once the romance had gone we stayed good pals and I could discuss almost anything with him as he knew me so well ( not a “cats” reference lol ),

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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