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do you belong to other forums?

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    and if so, what ones do you belong to

    I use a lot of health forums, a disney news forum, and one about UK amusement parks. in the past I’ve been on others- a harry potter one at one stage, and one for the artist katy perry


    what about you?


    Another ladies only forum and a dog forum.

    I dip in and out of various forums but I often find people very disagreeable.


    Nothing else at the moment. I suppose if I found something in an area of interest, I would try it out. I’m so used to everyone just using social media rather than forums, but I like this format better!

    And I’m still mourning NBC’s decision to scrap the iVillage forums years ago. It was a site meant for women to have a community just for them, and it was so awesome! Met so many great folks that way, and got a taste of online volunteering, too, as a community leader on a couple of the message boards. When NBC bought the site, they didn’t keep it up for long, if I remember correctly. *Sigh*


    [quote quote=228437]Nothing else at the moment. I suppose if I found something in an area of interest, I would try it out. I’m so used to everyone just using social media rather than forums, but I like this format better!



    Agreed social media is great but this allows for more focused discussions and I like that.

    But is is essential to find the right group of people… I joined one group of women supposidly more my age etc and they turned out to be really horrid old witches who hated everything and just enjoyed tearing people and each other to shreds.


    I belong to Talking Health Forums. It is great because your post does not come up straight away: the post is reviewed by moderators before it is published onto the website. This means there is no spam or abuse. Posts are edited by the moderators. I was also a member of Cosmo magazine forums for 8 years. That shut down after around 10 or 11 years of being online. I was also a member of Handbag.com. I LOVED that site. I tried being a member of U2 Feedback, but they were nasty to me, so I seldom use that site anymore. I loved Women’s Health Forums, but that is a bit rubbish now. I was also a member on TheLounge.com. But – again – that is gone. I also tried another site, but some members had the stupid belief they could change into animals. I said something along the lines of that is physically impossible: they did not like that. So I had to leave that website.

    There have been so many sites where I have loved posting, but they’ve all shut down. It is such a shame. Because I LOVE posting on Internet sites. I do also realize I post a lot on here, but it is such a great community. I do also hope you all enjoy reading my posts!


    I float around various technical, sewing and art forums. Some of them I visit so seldom that I have to think to logon so as not to be dropped off lol. They are useful for ideas. Here is more relaxed though as on more technical forums there is a tendency for ‘one upmanship’ to use an old phrase. Hard work is Ok in tiny amounts lol.


    This question got me curious, so I went looking and have joined up at one other forum. Thinking of another, too. I like when there’s a forum for a specific interest, so that could be fun. Ooh, maybe I’ll find some Jane Austen fans to chat with now and then? 😉


    I don’t belong to any other forums.


    one of my favorite mugs to drink out of   is a jane austen emma  mug. I belong to a freebie site in the UK that sends me randomand random all the time, and one of the things they sent me was an emma  mug. I’ve never actually read emma, but plan too at some point


    Do it! Really good book!

    Of course, it’s not as good as Persuasion, my favourite. 😉


    I’ve read Emma: and loved it. I love reading full-stop. In fact, historical fiction is really enjoyable. I turn off the TV and get comfortable on my sofa and read. I can read for upwards of four hours. In fact, I find reading therapuetic. I’ve read A Woman Of Substance by Barbara Taylor Bradford in one sitting. It took five hours but was worth every minute.

    If you’re interested, then you could read A Woman Of Substance yourself: it is an incredibly good book.


    BTB was not the author for me, as I found out from a sample of A Woman of Substance. I could chat about Jane Austen all day, though. Hee hee.


    Jane Austen is great. No one can beat that level of writing excellence.


    Back to forums: if you’re a U2 fan – and are considering joining U2 Feedback – then I’d advise you don’t. The people on there are not very friendly and call normal, every day posts “trolling”. I steer clear of that website now. In fact, it’s been years since I’ve posted on it. I was labelled a “troll” and I assure you I AM NOT. I did NOT post any abusive posts and was only friendly. I did not share many opinions either and was careful about wording.

    Anyhow, U2 Feedback is AWFUL. Steer well clear.


    I had a quick look at the forum you mention Kitty and didn’t have to look far to find hostility. A new member posting a ‘hello’ introduction just got a simple ‘f*** o**’.  Everywhere I looked evil lurked! It would put me off U2 for life so, although it is probably nothing to do with them, it is not doing them favours.

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