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do you belong to other forums?

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    U2 Feedback is an awful website. I’d advise anyone avoid it. The people on there are horrible.

    I’m glad you had a look yourself, SpinningJen. U2 Feedback really degrades normal – and nice – U2 fans. The people on U2 Feedback are clever, but they chat within themselves, using nastiness for other people to reject the site. Well, it worked with me: I haven’t been on that particular website for a good few years.

    I do also wonder what U2 would think about these nasty fans? They are hostile and make using a fun, interesting website impossible to use, without running away from the computer in tears. I sincerly hope U2 have another site: that actually welcomes U2 fans.


    I’m not going to let that keep me away from U2 CDs. 😉

    I found two at a local thrift store, but one skipped a bunch and I decided I really liked it, so I’ve paid a bit more to get it from a seller on Amazon that is reliable.

    I wonder why it pleases people to be mean to others online. Sigh.


    U2 are BRILIANT. I even wrote a biographical poem called “U2 Legends Of Rock”, which you can read here:


    I love watching U2 videos on YouTube and listening to their albums on CD. I also love their interviews on YouTube. However, one of their documentaries “Outside it’s America” has been deleted in its full format on YouTube. I do not know why: that documentary is fabulous. Come on, YouTube, and reinstate it!

    U2 ARE legends of rock.


    I belong to another female based forum, a Christmas forum, and a soap opera forum


    Is there really a forum just about Christmas? Does it get much conversation throughout the year? I love Christmas!


    Yes, the site is called my merry christmas.com There is a message forum and other info about Christmas. The forum does have conversation all year long, but I usually don’t go on the site until at least the Fall.


    Thanks for letting me know about the Christmas forum!

    I try to do something to count down Christmas on the 25th of each month. Not only do I pay better attention to the time passing that way, but I can get a little Christmas music/movie without having to wait for November and then cram it all in by the end of December. 😉

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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