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Do You Clean?

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    I don’t mean do you live in a showhome, but do you clean your home? Whether your home is an apartment or house or even bungalow?

    I clean my apartment on a daily basis. I clean the bathroom and kitchen. I hoover, mop floors, wash the laundry, take out the rubbish & recycling, wash up: you name it, I do it. I also clean my fridge regularly and continuly sort through my kitchen cupboards, linen closet, clothes closet and shoe closet. I clean my workstation, too.

    This all sounds like hard work. In fact, it is. But it disiplines me and teaches me grace and pride. I won’t live in flith to prove a point. I am clean and tidy and here to stay!


    Nothing wrong with being houseproud.

    I give the place a quick once over every day but a big clean, Generally on a Friday or Saturday. Depends on what I’m doing.

    The washing I do every other day. Ironing as little as possible. I cannot stand ironing lol.

    I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed but I do like a nice clean house. I have seen some houses on television shows which are disgusting. I do not know or understand how people can live like that.


    I am with you Rowena when it comes to ironing, I just hate it but most of our clothes are polycotton and hanging them out makes all the creases go.

    I clean quite a bit in our house especially the kitchen, I am obsessed about not having stuff on the worktops except for a kettle and the bread bin. The kitchen is units etc are white with black speckled worktops and I use shades of purple for the tea towels, blind and some accessories to give a spot of colour. The advantage of this is you can change the colour without getting new units for variety.

    We decorated our house really well but I find it annoying that black stuff gets in all the corners of window sills and skirting boards, I have to get an old toothbrush and clean them often. It upsets me sometimes that I am too fussy but I do like things nice clean and tidy.


    I seem to spend half my life moving this and putting that away. You know the routine. I suppose to many our house would be called untidy but with so many hobbies and interests it’s difficult, or even impossible, to keep the place looking like a showhome or one of these more minimalist flats. It perhaps does not really help in that I love old world looks like Victorian etc. It’s not something I contrive to achieve but their more cluttered appearance I actually find more interesting. It’s just difficult to clean lol.

    I will also add that my ironing board spends much of it’s life folded too!


    I’m on my soapbox now!

    I find it annoying when people assume cleaning means that they should live in a showhome: I don’t agree that cleaning should be perfect or that suddenly the owner should be precious about the odd bit of dust or ornament. There is a big difference between being strict about cleaning and having the latest interior design fashion. This assumption puts pressure on vulnerable people, who then say they’ll never be able to live like that, so why bother cleaning? If you tell the owner it is JUST cleaning – not redecorating or throwing out every ornament – more people would clean. Plus, missing the odd bit of dust doesn’t mean the person should be criticised: they should be encouraged to be proud that they tried at all. Because putting such pressure on someone, they are not going to clean, because they think if they don’t do it properly, why bother. They should not be pressured. If they weren’t pressured, they would clean.

    I clean all the time, but I still have a bit of clutter and my home isn’t a showhome. But it is clean. Cleaning is the aim of the goal.

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    I didn’t literally mean ‘showhome’ as being the ideal Kitty, but was using that as an obvious example. Few people would likely regard one as a home to be lived in. A good example I use is maybe to avoid having dirty dishes around as they tend to attract flies. When cooking I tend to clean these as I progress and have often cleaned all of them before sitting down to the meal.


    <!–more–>[quote quote=212057]I didn’t literally mean ‘showhome’ as being the ideal Kitty, but was using that as an obvious example.[/quote]
    Yes I think like you SpinningJen that there is a big differece between neglet the own home (or thamselves) or clean all time. Now I ‘m learning english lenguage, this take off my time so today I didn’t have big clean. I don’t worry becouse I clean bit in every day, perhaps my home is a little undity but I’m less stressed



    Cleaning I have a house that was built in 1920,s just out of the Edwardian times and I have done a lot in repair,s decorating and keeping it as close to how it was then the colours of paint to reflect the times , and also built a larger workshop / shed come a place for Waggon,s  2 of a  4×4 and trailer   . yes I have a lot of gear, in two trucks timber = lumber  and tools  , and they are large,  now do I clean ,

    Well yes surpring for some I,m very tidy and clean very ordered and know where every thing is  you may say I,m a fusspot or cant stand mess, my work ethicate stems from what I learnt from very young  and I have allways been like this , and on a Friday afternoon  before we left the work sites I made sure it was clean neat and tidy  ready for work on the Monday  start, so no matter where I am I,ll be cleaning our house is clean  at the computer section I have things on it  as I use most things and I may have a lot of gear near by yet its still tidy  no dish,s left laying  around unclean I do have a cat, and she is pretty good so really my home is as youd,d expect if you visit me any time , I wont say a show home Oh …. and the work shop yes tidy and the floor is swept or hoovered  so there you are .



    You’re a woman after my own heart, noeleena. Being clean and tidy is so, so important. You’ve got the right approach.


    I think a clean home is a healthy home and like to keep my home clean and tidy.


    Clean is ok, clean is nice, organised, no dirty laundry or dishes laying around , bins emptied on time and regular hoovering dusting and mopping..

    But homes should be homes , places to live not places to present and show off.



    Go to a graveyard all the stones say beloved wife, treasured daughter, wonderful grandma not one says great housewife or wonder with a duster..

    There is a limit. My house is clean tidy and lived in .. there is dog hair on the floor between hoover days there are toys laying around because I havent yet trained my dogs to put them away.. There are odd things laying where they shouldnt like a camera case on the dining table, or a notepad with next weeks shopping list half finished on the coffee table,  nothing filthy but nothing glossy mag’s show either. Its called real life

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    It is called real life, cassandra. A home should be a place to live: rather than similar to a luxury hotel. That kind of pressure on a housewife or general cleaner is unbelievable. NO ONE can keep a place like that – to that standard – alone. You’d have spend morning, noon and night to clean to that level. Obviously, though, cleaning is best done: no one wants dirty crockery or bags of rubbish or piles of magazines on their living room floor. Or a TV caked in dust or a bedroom with clothes shrewn across the floor and bursting at the seams.

    It is a balance of common sense and pride. Reaching perfection should never be the goal: the goal should be a warm, friendly, happy house that has a little dust, than a house that’s straight out of a magazine with no love or happy family.

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