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    I do! I clean my bathroom twice a week. I clean my kitchen daily. I also hoover and wash the laundry regularly. I air out my apartment daily. I dust, etc. I had my bathroom given a deep clean a few days ago: it is fairly spotless. It did take a good hour to remove some dirt in there.

    I am in the process of throwing loads and loads of stuff out. I just don’t have the room for clutter. It all goes.

    Do you keep your place fairly clean?

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    Yes I am OCD about keeping the house clean.   The kitchen is cleaned Daily.   I tend to spot clean daily in the bathrooms daily and deep clean once a week or as needed.   We have hardwoods and rugs so I run the swiffer daily and vacuum at least twice a week or as needed.   Dusting constantly, 15 minute power cleaning and then going back to whatever I was doing before is a good way to keep up.  Over the weekend I got into a deep cleaning mode and cleaned all of the ceiling fans in the house.   The laundry is a constant cycle in our house so basically everyday or I will fall behind.   Usually like to strip the beds on weekends when I have a little more time.

    Yes fairly clean but we always seem to have clutter.   That is part of having kids I guess.




    I clean but Im not overly OCD about it.. We prefer to have a house thats lived in but still hygienic.

    We see lots of people using the same dish cloth or tea towel for several days..whereas we tend to use a clean dish cloth each time or for each job. The dogs have seperate washing up brushes and a protocol regarding their food because they eat raw. We have hand soap dispensers next to every sink so there is no excuse for lack of hand washing after each job and I use coloured chopping boards so that raw meat and veg do not mix. I fifo (first in first out) my larder and fridge which helps cut food waste to a minimum as well as making sure things dont go past the use by date.


    Sadly too much emphasis is put on the show home look and far too little on the actual hygiene aspect of our homes.


    I don’t clean to make a room pretty – just to note – I clean my apartment because I don’t want bugs and bacteria in it. I even remove as much mould as possible. Bacteria makes a person sick: as does mould. In America thousands of people every year are admitted to hospital because of breathing in mould spores. Mould is – basically – deadly in the right quantity. Bacteria can cause much sickness and can result in someone being put in hopsital. Vomitting your guts up and being ill is what I don’t want. I also hate bugs and know that if I have dirt and mess they will set up home in my apartment. Having woodlice, spiders, flies, beetles, etc. fills me with horror. And it could happen in the right environment. Bugs thrive in dirt and mess.

    I am not trying to frighten anyone, but if there are flies in your home, that means there are maggots hiding in your home, as well. It is scary but a good reason to advise someone clean their home. It doesn’t matter that it isn’t a showhome: that is not the aim. The aim is to stay healthy and not have bugs breeding. Because they will if there is food for them.

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    Our table is usually awash with fruit and there are lots of vegetables in the kitchen Kitty. If I see any of the tiny flies around it is a signal that something is going off. Mostly flies only like to live where there is food so if there is none you see few flies. They are attracted by the chemical odours from organic matter.

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    Agree mould is a big danger that many people under-estimate.

    We used to have a huge problem with flies because neighbourhood cats would poo in our garden and that attracted the flies. Now we have a good fence and gravel so no cats and no flies!


    We don’t really have a problem with bugs here in Colorado.  Some people may have mice, though.  My home was a rental property before I bought it.  Years ago, we found old mouse droppings when replacing the dishwasher.  According to one of my neighbors, one of my home’s previous renters was a real slob.

    In the 28 years I’ve lived here, I saw ONE cute little field mouse in the garage.  Since I don’t have direct entry into the garage from the house, I just let it be.  I figured that he could find his way out.

    By no means am I the greatest housekeeper.  Since I do a lot of cooking/baking for others, I do keep the kitchen clean.  Sometimes, the junk mail piles up, and I have to sort through it…recycle some, shred some, etc.  Generally, we clean about once a week.


    It’s good that so many people clean and are aware of hygiene and all that gubbins. It does seem like scaremongering, but bugs are awful. I think we all know that, but it is true.

    I also clean my apartment because it is therapy and disiplines me. It also gives me something to do. It feels cleansing and good to look at my just-cleaned apartment. Sure it has to be done often, but it is worth every minute and I do love seeing my home clean and tidy.


    I hate the house cleaning but I clean everyday and <span lang=”en” tabindex=”0″>I put the rooms in order and the house is very large and sometimes I get too tired.</span>


    I clean regularly.  I have a robot do my vacuuming and mopping.  I have a rotation for doing my bathrooms (four of them), as well as my dusting and other things.  I wash my sheets on Friday.  I do towels on Tuesday.

    I’m very fond of bleach .. maybe a little too much, lol.

    I hate when my system gets disrupted, it can throw me off for weeks.

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