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Do You Consider Computer Work To Be Work?

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    I do. Even doing my accounts and Internet Banking is work to me. Also posting poetry and selling my books online is work to me. It may not be in actual human company, but it is still work. I do consider my Lulu.com books to be work in themselves, too. Even posting on Internet forums is work.

    So many people say “Get a real job in the real world” but I love the Internet world. I have:

    1. Poetry forums I post my poems onto
    2. Websites that sell my books
    3. Internet forums
    4. Internet Banking
    5. Online shopping

    The list goes on. I also consider Facebook to be work in a sense. I write this because I have a beauty advertising page on Facebook.

    Do you think it is better to live “in the real world” or do you break the mould and enjoy the digital world?


    I certainly do. If it wasn’t, then I don’t think I would be able to do my job as efficiently. If my boss didn’t think it was work, then I’d hardly get paid! 😉


    The real world has changed. It is partly online and partly offline. I don’t think it would be fair to label life offline as the only real one.

    That makes me think about how I don’t use “IRL” much anymore. I think I would be phrasing it as “when I’m offline” or talk about local life. Online life is real to me now! 🙂

    I do have work that I must accomplish with the computer, but it’s not earning me money at this point. I research books and materials for school with the kids, I fill out forms for appointments and such, I email companies or organisations, etc.

    I even found a way to volunteer online once the pandemic restrictions came along. (We’re still going back and forth between having some places open and others not. I’m looking forward to having most of the population vaccinated so that things can open up and we don’t have to remember what’s closed. I may not go to a lot of the social places, as I wasn’t there much before; but I’d rather that the restrictions were done with soon!)

    Since I’ve been watching the original “Star Trek” episodes lately (still on Season 1 right now) I’m amused at the thought that someone might tell the Starfleet folks that their work on the Enterprise isn’t work because they use computers. 😉


    Computers are tools to achieve an end. The work is achieving the end, not what you use to do it. That said, some of my work, in the past and perhaps even at present, has been to install and repair the software to ‘fix the tool’ so I suppose computer work can be work lol


    I agree,computer work is work. Whether it’s your actual job, paying bills, doing research, or checking e mails, or whatever else people use their computers for, it’s still work.


    If you are paid to do something, it is work. My entire job is done on a computer, of course it’s work. I don’t understand how anyone could say it’s not work if it’s on a computer. Most work these days is done on a computer.


    Evening ,

    For myself a computer is hard work i dont like computer,s i dont have a brain for it the day i got one i knew i would have issues from then on some years later i still have issue,s why , i dont have what it takes to get my head around it the main reason to have one was to load photos 45.000 maybe more and yes i have 4 backups on backup,s yes they have gone down i have 6 for doing ….well trying to do things when i,m doing langage and translate i,m allso a disle cant spell go look dyslexia dont like englisch ,,, my german is easyer….ya okay im a nutter, carry on .

    I,m a hands on make things in wood and metal and have the heavy machines to do it a workshop i,m not a DIY i,m a machineist by trade so you see some of us can do other things and design i never worked in an office not a hope when i left school in 19 63 worked inside and out side in my trades so nope a computer is not my thing ,

    Just so you know i know other,s are good at what they can do on computer,s and i dont ? that so there you are,


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