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Do You Drink Milk?

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    Weird question, but it is something to post about!

    Do you drink milk? I do! I drink a large glass each night before bed. I do this to prevent osteporosis in old age. I also have the odd mini babybel to assist with this.

    I do actually enjoy drinking milk: as does Jessica Alba’s character in “Dark Angel”. I know it’s fiction, but I don’t want thin, breaking bones as an old woman.

    Over to you.


    Ive always loved milk but as I passed 40 I noticed it caused me some digestive problems. Two of my children have lactose intolerance so I switched to lactose free and that solved it..

    I eat home made yogurt as well as porridge made with milk( in winter).

    Having worked with the elderly I am all too aware of the dangers of osteoporosis.. its something I would avoid if possible and if drinking milk helps Im  happy to drink a glass each day.


    Although I grew up eating cereal and milk for breakfast , I’m not so much of a milk drinker anymore.  I eat a couple of servings of plain, low-fat or fat-free Greek yogurt during the day.


    It’s funny when I remember sneaking downstairs at night when I was little and drinking milk from the bottle as I peered through a gap in the door to watch the TV program my mum and dad were watching 😀 .

    I seldom drink milk now but do have it with my cereal every morning. I also eats lots of cheese. Mosts nights for supper in fact. I have cut back a little as I was eating too much. I love cheese!


    I love cheese myself, SpinningJen! I am addicted to it: seriously.

    It is interesting to hear your comments about drinking milk and dairy products in general. Because – back in the day – a lot of women stopped consuming dairy products because they believed they’d put on weight. There must’ve been a rise in osteporosis years after this. Dairy products – scientists have discovered – do not cause weight gain, unless eaten/drank in excess. The fats in dairy can actually be good for the body, too. A little science.

    Anyhow, cold, fresh milk tastes delicious and is very refreshing.


    Have private messaged you back KitKatKitty as promised!


    Thank you, Rachel!


    Look forward to hearing back from you!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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