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    I have to say, I do. I love working: both online and IRL. I am always busy and love getting things done.

    Also, I love my office job. It is a home away from home. Because everyone works: even the disabled. And having a sense of achievement is wonderful.

    Over to you!

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    There is nothing like a job well done 🙂

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    I feel a sense of pride in doing what I do.  However, my work is either feast or famine at times, which makes it either mind-numbingly boring or very stressful.

    During those down times, I try to engage in some online training needed to keep my certifications up to date.

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    I have an office job and it does feel like I am pulling my weight in the household, although hubby still thinks he is the top guy.

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    You’re absolutely right, SpinningJen: there is nothing like a job well done. I think any type of work takes pride and self respect. And there are all types of work: not just physical. Since technology has advanced, so many work tasks are easier. Because we now have robots do our work and we have other technology that make factory work and the suchlike more efficient, much quicker and safer.

    Everybody works: mine happens to be on the Internet and in an office. Now I LOVE office work and have been working in an office for well over a decade now. It is my ideal work. And I do feel pride when I get up in the morning to go. I don’t like being lazy and seldom lie in bed in the morning. I also do domestic work, which I enjoy.

    Work is something everyone does and should feel pride at doing.


    I don’t work anymore but I always did my work to the best of my ability. I think one thing that proves I did well are the number of my clients who have stayed in touch even though I am no longer working as a home carer.

    The fact they felt they could trust me makes me very proud.

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    Having people trust you does make one feel pride. At my job, I have been trusted to drop off cheques to the bank: this makes me feel pride, too. I am an honest person any way, but – still – having an employer put that responsibility in my hands does make me feel I’ve chosen the right job.

    I feel immense pride for being a worker: both in an office and as a published writer.

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    That does remind me Kitty. I remember a losing of trust with a job I used to have years ago (soon after school). I took the companies takings to the bank one day, which was something I had not done before as it was not really my job, and the cashier found extra money. That unsettled me as, although it could have been a genuine mistake, when I mentioned it to the boss he was sarcastically dismissive. I did wonder if it was a plant to tempt me, and began to lose trust. Not long after I was made redundant so, to this day, I think they were looking for excuses to let me go without financial burden. Needless to say that didn’t happen.

    Such experience does give me a bit of an edge in these days of scams but it also means trust can take a while to build. I think that is one reason why I have lots of loose friends but very few close ones, and the ones I trust the most can be old schoolfriends who I have known for years, but seldom see.

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    That must’ve been awful for you, SpinningJen. But maybe you were better off without that job, looking back: you’ve got your job today, so maybe blessings come in disguises.

    Anyhow, the universe is full of things that need doing: and you can only do one thing at a time. I take my life day-by-day, like anyone. And will always work. Plus, I think many people take pride in their undertakings. Work is done by everyone and we all work together to make this world spin. Even the disabled work.

    That’s my penny’s worth.

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    Exactly Jen, all my close friends are school friends, my ” loose friends” stay that way.


    I continue with my job at the charity. I am positive it is the right job for me. Plus, I’ve got my writing and digital marketing work.

    It’s all good!

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    I hate working, I’d love to quit.  But my job is comfortable and I make good money, and it’s mostly easy for me so I keep doing it, lol.  I could probably quit now that I’m married and we’d get by, but I get paid a very good salary and I just wouldn’t want to give that up.  I get to work from home at least, and I really only work like 10-15 hours a week most weeks (sometimes less), so I’ll keep plugging along.

    I probably don’t enjoy work too much because I’m not doing something that fits with my personality.  I just work with numbers for a huge corporation, I’d much rather be helping people, like if I could do it all over again I’d become a psychologist.  I just don’t feel my soul is satisfied I guess, lol!

    I do my work well, I don’t do my projects with substandard effort or anything like that.  If they wanted to make me have to go back to an office for 40 hours a week, I’d probably quit.  I deal with a lot of sexism at work, sometimes it’s soul-crushing.

    I do feel proud telling people I’m a bank vice president though!  It’s just my title that makes me feel good, not what I actually do, lol.


    It does sound an ideal from the outside Mamie, working from home, but I would get the feeling of never going anywhere. I think there is a lot more job satisfaction from working more directly with people, particularly in their homes. I found that it can pay fairly well but it also can be very hard and involved work at times. The responsiblity seems far greater to me when peoples lives are involved. There have been times when I just  had to to shut it out and relax which can be hard.


    Have Private messaged you KitKatkitty in response to your message


    Thank you, Rachel! I will reply soon.

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