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    I definitely do the right work: charity work suits me.

    I actually also enjoy domestic work. I am always cleaning my apartment and help my family with the cooking at their house – mostly daily.

    I keep busy and have my writing, too. Various work: even without a paycheck.


    I am thinking of getting a third job [the first is the charity/the second is writing] which will be a paid domestic kind of work. And no: I don’t mean hoovering or cleaning toilets! Just some sort of domestic work. This is because I am practical and a jack-of-all-trades. Once I do a job, I stick at it. I don’t switch and change jobs. I have various different jobs at one time [at this time, writing and the charity]. A third – paying – job will be great and I definitely want domestic work.

    I also have a goal to get a English higher qualification. I love English and want to prove I have advanced in the subject.


    Good luck Kiity. It is maybe not too much of a problem getting such work but good respected positions seem much scarcer. I like your idea of an higher English qualification. I never stop studying.


    I LOVED my education, Spinning Jen, which is why I carried on studying long after school. I did several night classes for 5 years in total. I also attended art classes for two years and a creative writing class for 6 months. I would’ve studied more subjects, but the night school closed down: to this day I feel upset at this. That night school gave me my education and helped me learn so much. Still, I made the most of the opportunity of having a nearby night school.

    As you realize, my favourite subject is English. I LOVE the language and love reading books even more. I loved the subject at school, too. My English has advanced way further since then, as well. I suppose I have had a lot of practice.


    If we are interested in something practice usually does make us good and, at least, makes us better. I suppose my interest in English is more related to old sayings and old English generally. I find it amazing that we can still easily read books that are hundreds of years old, and wonder about the short term ‘street language’ that is indecipherable to the un-initiated.


    It amazes me that there is still such snobbery about domestic work. People seem to think its below them yet we all do it at home  or need someone to do it for us dishes dont clean themselves and washing doesnt magically get clean.

    I worked for 17 years as a home carer which is an invailable job helping people to remain in their own homes as long as possible and yet when I would speak to people and my job came up I saw the dismissal on their faces. Sometimes it was even with the people I worked for I once helped the child of a family with his homework and I heard his mother whisper to the boy ‘ dont write it in your book yet we will check it properly when dad gets home’.  Another person asked ‘how would you know you’re just a home help’? I explained that even us home helps went to school..

    So I tried a little experiment I told the first few people at a social gathering I was a home help, they smiled nodded and moved on, then next few I told I was a writer, not only were they interested but then insisted on introducing me to other people..

    Plain snobbery,  yet I bet they would be very upset if they were housebound and I just gave them a book!


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    I would never feel ashamed or apologetic for cleaning toilets and doing the hoovering: in fact, I do do those things. I clean my apartment all the time. I must have the cleanest home in town! I don’t mind doing dirty work, actually. I will happily get on my hands and knees to clean. I don’t mind dealing with muck and grime, funnily enough. True words!

    I think cleaning takes pride and is a good thing. I refuse to live in mess and filth.

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    Have private messaged you back KitKatKitty from your message yesterday!


    I found that much snobbery existed in my workplace. In fact it was often the people who would be naturally be regarded as snobs, being of elevated position, who were the least snobbish. As I worked with patients from all races and classes plus many different environments I have always tended to treat people the same, even to the extent of dis-regarding some of their traditional social status for equality. As such I never tended to look up to people or down on them, just perhaps saying to myself “I would or would not live like that”. I have not much time for ‘airs and graces’ except sometimes in joking.

    To me, cleaning is a necessary evil in the main, but there again, I am far more interested in complex things. Most would and do not contemplate my interests either.

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