Do You Follow Fashion?

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    I do, to a certain degree. I am in no way obsessed with fashion, but am aware of what’s in and what isn’t. I buy fairly trendy clothes. I certainly do make the effort to look good daily. I wear dresses and the odd skirt. I love bright clothing, too: and colourful earrings.

    Anyhow, what is your style? Your opinion on fashion?

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    I tend to be a little different and used to regard myself as a (accidental) trend setter lol. I like to look good too but tend to fail if I try to follow other ideas. I think about what I feel looks good for me but do have to be careful as I can overstate and often wear, for example, shorter skirts that some would say are too young for me. I love bright clothing, usually plain colours and never with logos. I have never lost my youthful attitude so can sometimes shock.

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    I don’t like sequins or logos on my clothing. The problem with sequins, is that they catch my fingers and cut me. As for logos: I think they’re stale and for the young, to be blunt.

    I must say, when watching “The Devil Wears Prada” last night I thought the clothing and shoes beautiful. BUT I can’t dress like that. I find shoes like that impossible to walk in. But they are definitely gorgeous fashions in that film! Because I think fashion should sometimes make a statement. But – on the other hand – personal style is different to following the trends. It all depends on the person. However, I don’t live in jeans: I prefer a different look. I wear sweaters but never T-Shirts. I also wear fairly smart shoes. A slight heel is fine, but never high heels. I do jazz up my look with earrings and styled hair. I also always have manicured nails.

    Fashion is great, though!


    My style is dog walking ..Fashion no.

    I like it but its totally impractical for me to try to follow fashion it doesnt suit my lifestyle. High heels are a no no here because of the cobbled streets. Tight skirts, short skirts and very flimsy skirts, no because of bicycle riding.. No one wants a ring side view of my underwear!

    I dont wear make up it all seems to irritate my skin.. I cant wear knitted things , high necked things, tight clothes or man made fibres so cotton tops and shirts with jeans and boots is my daily look.

    If Im going out a dress or skirt and blouse and in summertime skirts with modesty pants and light cotton tops or cropped trousers and a top.

    My goal is to dress suitably for the weather and purpose, then comfort and cleanliness ,, fashion is a long way down my list.


    Comfort and cleanliness is also very important to me. I do like bright coloured clothing, too. I also wear bright, outrageous earrings every day. As for heels: no, for me. I just cannot walk in them. They feel wrong and uncomfortable. However, I do wear stylish boots and flat shoes. You can wear beautiful shoes that are flat. Not every woman can walk in heels. Hotter branded shoes, sell stylish flat shoes.

    As for clothing: I tend to avoid short skirts. I do like tailored trousers, the odd dress and occasionally a skirt. I avoid leggings, though!

    There are many stylish clothes that don’t look of The Devil Wears Prada type-fashion. I just can’t dress like that.


    I have some ‘Hotter’ shoes too Kitty. I prefer to wear well made shoes like those or ‘Padders’ or ‘Pavers’ or similar. I often wear leggings. I wear a short skirt or dress over them though for modesty.


    I do think that fashion is really for the younger generation who tend to have more money than the average Joe & Jane. Although – that said – many older women probably do dress within fashion trends, as do people with lesser money*. With me – although I dress well – I don’t follow fashion, to be blunt. It’s just not me. Women’s magazines like Good Housekeeping and Woman & Home do advertize fashion, but they use fashion shoots that have watered down the catwalk trends. There will always be some exceptions to this, but mainly that is how it is.

    *I realize being poor does not equal unfashionable: just look at how popular charity shops are!


    I think that like in many other things clothing fashion has speeded up. I notice that in some shops the range changes an increasing number of times per year now. It seems like much more often than it used to. At one time it seemed like there were this year’s summer styles and then this year’s winter styles whereas now they seem to change every few weeks. It’s not something I would succumb to!


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    I can remember when I was a child my mother sometimes ordered clothes from a catalogue  there were 4 each year spring , summer autumn and winter.

    I buy online too its a shop that stocks a lot of natural fibres so ideal for me.. They send me emails every few days offering new deals, new styles, new occasions, new looks etc etc its  never ending.  I could sign out of the mailing list but every now and then they send a discount code and I hate to miss a bargain !


    It is like with the boots I bought earlier this winter Cassandra, I have had a stream of mini catalogues since then. My mother used to order clothes though a catalogue too. I used to enjoy looking through it. She used to knit too so all our wollies were hand knitted.

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    Catalogues are gone now: it’s all online. I do remember catalogues, though: I wanted to buy all my clothing from them, but wasn’t allowed and always had to go into a physical shop. I don’t like shops very much, to be honest. I just feel sweaty and uncomfortable in them. If I had my druthers I’d buy everything online.


    I think I remember saying sometime, but I prefer to look online and, if there is something I like, going to the shop and confirming looks and size then buying. I like the social experience of shopping as well as well which does not exist much online.


    I am glad when Winter is over as I like to dress Summer casual walking the dogs,  a light pleated skirt and colourful top with a nice sandal is my fav outfit.


    I don’t follow fashion trends, I buy what I feel looks good on me.  I guess I’d describe my style as “smart casual.” I prefer winter style, I’m very partial to sweaters, but I prefer summer footwear (sandals!)

    I almost exclusively wear skirts, usually knee-length.  They’re much more comfortable than anything else, and just look classy in my mind.  In winter I’ll mostly wear tights with boots (knee-high), ankle boots, or flats.  In summer I’ll be barelegged and wearing sandals.

    I don’t wear high heels … nothing above 3″ for me.  But I’m very fond of heels between 1″-2″, and I have plenty of those.  I love the satisfying “clomp” sound you get when wearing nice heeled shoes 🙂

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    I love the satisfying “clomp” sound you get when wearing nice heeled shoes

    This made me laugh Mamie. I like the sound too but you remind me that I tend to walk quite a lot. One reason why I don’t wear higher heels, apart from the fact that walking is trickier, is that I tend to wear the heel out very quickly because I walk so far and the size of the heel pad is smaller. Some places around town have cobbled roads and steep hills too so I have relegated high heels to clubs and functions.

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