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    As women, we need other women. To which degree, varies. You tell your girlfriend, your life dilemmas, you seek their advice on life issues, sometimes even money matters. Our closeness varies with life stages, let’s face it, there are things you can only disclose to your fellow girlfriend.

    Do you think type A personalities and type B personalities, in women, vary to the degree to which they seek friendships with other women? In theory, type A women, may prefer and compete more with men. But, lets face it……..girls will be girls, at the end of the day.


    Would you mind running past me Type A and B?

    Thanks. 🙂


    Yeah… Not sure what type A and B are…

    As a general rule, it’s a hell no. Women are evil, and scary, and mean and they back talk and every little thing gets examined and re-examined until you suddenly realise why men think we’re all bonkers.

    I have a few female friends who are like me who I do girlie things with, but I literally count them on one hand. Maybe two if we’re including friends who aren’t close friends. This is also not including the ladies on here who tend to be nice and sensible rather than flame-spitting evil 😉

    To be fair though, I was raised with boys by a man. I never quite got raised with the women’s way of doing things. That’s come very late in life for me so it’s not surprising I don’t have a great handle on women!


    yeah, I get it, when the claws come out, cattiness, yada, yada, yada. But, we naturally choose which personalities we befriend. So chose a gal pal that is more at your personality level. But, in the end, women need other women. WHo do you hang out with? I always feel very uncomfortable in social situations, when I’m the only woman present. Two gals make a company.


    I literally have only a few female friends. Honestly, I don’t mind being in a roomful of men and have one of my closer girls around, but sometimes I’m just more comfortable with just men.

    Considering my rather painful back story it’s strange. But the right men, men who don’t make me feel afraid, I find myself more comfortable with them doing the tomboy/ actual boy thing.Other women tend to make them less male and more properly behaved.


    I tend to not have close friends, male or female.
    If I want to confide about anything, I write it in my diary.


    I get along really well with both blokes AND women. Gender doesn’t matter to me and I don’t categorize people like that. There are nasty people of both sexes, so there is no point. Female company is fantastic and can offer a diversity of ideas and attitudes. So, yes: I get along with other women.


    Not sure about the type A and B thingy, but ja, I have tons of g/f’s….. I have my regular group that are just terrific and then those that I see on a one on one. Sure one does encounter those as you describe – mean and nasty at times; I just give them the miss and move on.


    Yeah, I think that the need to connect varies on the stage of life that you are in, ha


    I get on well with both sex’s but I would be lost without my besties, I have 7 besties that I adore & can tell them anything at all plus,
    I have many close GF’s
    And let’s face it I would not be standing without any of them right now
    I do have a couple of male friends but only one of those that I would meet for a coffee & trust


    yeah, I still keep with my college gal pals on facebook. In college, I had a close circle of female friends. But, as life may have it, close school friendships tend to drift apart


    I can easily keep female friends, but only when I was single. Women are needy. IME, to maintain a friendship with females you have to be in constant communication (at least 1 text conversation/day), see them regularly, etc. and you just don’t have time for that when you’re married. When I was single, it was easy because instead of whipping out for coffee with my husband, I’d call a friend. If I wanted to go out on a Saturday night, it’d be with a gaggle of girls. Now we spend them with each other or other couples.

    I actually don’t find other women all that difficult to get along with, you just need to be aware of how you carry yourself. Women (myself included) can get easily threatened.


    I’m married. Next month I’ll have been married for four years, and we were together for three years before that.

    I keep my girlfriends!

    I’m not in constant contact. We chat or just check in via messenger maybe twice a week usually, but we’ve been known to not chat for a few weeks and just pick things up again.

    I actually think my hubby’s friends are far more needy. They do chat everyday!!


    I don’t have many close friends and even less who I would confide in. I am one of those people who may even confide in a stranger to get an impartial answer.

    That said – I love people and like to chat to almost anyone. But I am not into football or most all of typical men subjects so I have to say I prefer female friends. Even though I hate to say it men can easily bore me. Most but luckily not all!


    I have one or two very close friends and one of those I have known since I was nine years old so I know I can tell her anything. As I have got older I have friends who I am fairly close to in certain areas of my social life and we have no baggage so that is really good. We can enjoy ourselves with no hang ups.

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