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Do You Have A Bedroom Or A Boudoir?

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    I have a boudoir! I write this because I LOVE my bedroom, hence why I name it the abovementioned. I have a luxurious boudoir by its very nature. This is how:

    1. I wash and change my bedsheets three times a week
    2. I tidy and hoover beneath the bed a few times a week
    3. I change my dressing tablecloth twice a week
    4. I air out my boudoir every day
    5. I regularly take out the rubbish from the small bin
    6. I keep my closet fairly tidy and organised
    7. I go through the clutter in drawers: but not as often as I should
    8. I have beautiful, wallpaper-free white painted walls
    9. I have a gorgeous pretty pink carpet
    10. I have a lovely fake sheep-skin rug

    That is how I keep my luxurious bedroom, which most certainly is a boudoir. Over to you!


    I have a cluttered bedroom. Sigh. 😉

    I need more bookshelves for all the books I’ve got, so that’s part of the clutter. I also have more souvenirs and paperwork than I can fit in the closet so far. That means I need a weekend of organising again! Maybe after I’ve taken in enough Christmas entertainment? 🙂


    Living in a little place means not much space so it’s a little cluttered here too. I do put in those feminine touches though. Perhaps with my collections of books and other odds and ends a mansion would be better lol.


    Obviously I share my bedroom with my OH ..

    It isnt a huge room but pale apricot walls and oatmeal coloured carpet keep it light. There are no frills or extra fluffy cushions , no clutter.

    But on the walls are  a couple of large barok style framed mirrors  and nudes,  lady godiva by John Collins, Venus rising from the sea , James Barry and me ! I posed for an art student who has gone on to have work displayed in major exhibitions now I have a large B&W canvas hanging on my bedroom wall.

    Plus of course we sleep in a one of a kind hand made 4 poster bed..


    The bedroom is the best room in my apartment. I LOVE it in there. A perfect boudoir.

    I was very interested to see how you all have your own bedrooms. I must admit, SpinningJen, I do need to declutter my bedroom myself. There is always stuff to be thrown out. I also have to declutter my living room. Being surrounded by stuff is very frustrating and claustrophobic. No one needs ornament after ornament in their home. Or a pile of old magazines. Or a pile of dirty laundry. Or week-long dust on their bookshelf. I must edit my book collection, too. I don’t need book after book. And I promise myself – in the New Year – I am going to have a massive clearout.

    Minimalist lifestyle here I come.


    The books are not negotiable in my house 😉 but I do what librarians do, and “weed” every so often to remove items I no longer want – or I make the tough decisions of culling what wasn’t read (in 6 months to a year) so that I have more room for the books that excite me most. Like my Jane Austen collection. 🙂

    I should approach the tidying of the rest of the bedroom just like that. Souvenirs are hard to let go of, though! And I always think I’ll want lots of journals and other things, but maybe I can check through for how many I could give as gifts – without spending more! 😁


    I like to do the same Rebecca but I just cannot get rid of some of the very old ones, and sometimes regret doing so when I do. I have some of the first books I remember and even have a couple of sunday school prizes. In the new year though I think lots of things will have to go, but they will stay.


    I am so happy that my granddaughter has found the joy of books during lockdown. I sent some old star trek novels to my son (he is a trek fan) but my granddaughter has nabbed them and is totally engrossed..

    This has led my to my bookshelves where I knew I had a mint condition set of CS Lewis Narnia books. Ive dusted them off and they will also be winging their way to Ireland after Chrstmas. Im so happy to be able to pass them on..


    My mum just got a Star Wars novel for me recently – the 19th printing of the first book, so it’s from April 1978! That was exciting for me! There was also a Star Trek novel I hadn’t read from the 90’s and a Star Trek chronology book my oldest son enjoyed from the library before. Mum has a good eye for my favourite sci-fi even though she doesn’t like it! 😉

    For Christmas, I’m giving new Narnia sets to two of my guys (with the option for the third, who doesn’t read them as often). I have some of my copies from my childhood still, well-worn.

    I also keep puzzles, notes written to me in junior high, old photos, my first stories written as I was still gaining experience as a reader (which is like research for writing). So much accumulated over a lifetime! Other items have been given away over the years, or been destroyed by exposure to moisture and mold – I do sometimes regret that, but the memories remain! ☺️


    This reminds me that I have a Star Wars novel on the pile to read. I picked up a Sherlock Holmes from a local book exchange yesterday too. If there is one thing the current situation has done it is to increase my pile of reading lol. I have found I am busy with my hobbies when not doing housework or cooking or out walking, so don’t read lots – Like Kitty would say – I keep busy!


    I ordered two bookshelves yesterday and one is for my bedroom, to reduce the book clutter. 😉

    I have to admit that this conversation has inspired me to get back to taking care of my room and creating a restful area just for me! Maybe with the vision of a boudoir rather than just a bedroom, I can make more progress on a tidy, customised space.


    You could even re-paint your bedroom walls, rebeccajpand, in a soft pale colour; invest in luxurious bedsheets; sort your closet and add a boudoir dressing table. Such a salmon-pink vanity table? Really go all out in your bedroom/boudoir. You could also hang a gorgeous painting of a ballerina or dancer on your wall.

    A few ideas!


    I have a bedroom


    but what’s cool about it is that it has it’s own tv, it’s own echo and a computer


    so I can choose to watch tv in the lounge, or if I want to snuggle under the covers, well…. you know,. 😀

    it’s not the most organized place, but it works for me


    [quote quote=221602]

    it’s not the most organized place, but it works for me



    I think this ^^^^ is the most important thing of all.. Sleep is vital and unless we feel happy and comfortable in our bedrooms theres no point.


    I have a large poster of a Monet painting in my room. Love it! Also, several items with encouraging sayings, like “Joy is the best makeup” and “Be your own kind of beautiful.” 😁 Wall decals and drawings, including Hello Kitty. 🙂 And I left the Christmas lights on the wall that my oldest had put up – they stay all year!

    And, of course, the tall bookshelves take up some wall space. 😁

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