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Do You Have A Bedroom Or A Boudoir?

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    That artwork sounds gorgeous, rebeccajpand. Monet was a painter beyond genius. Having a poster of that artist’s work on your wall is wonderful. I love, love, LOVE art. I just love paints, crayons, oil paints, watercolour, arcyllic paints. I love pinning pins of famous – and not so famous – paintings on Pinterest. I have also attended art classes throughout my life. I am passionate about art. I also had a dear friend brilliant at painting. His name was Michael and I still treasure the paintings he gave me years ago.

    In my boudoir I have wallpaper-free white painted walls and a small DVD holder. I also have a pink carpet and a fluffy rug. I also have a beautiful collection of dressing table cloths. I alternate them regularly. I may have posted a similar post before, but feel it is worth saying about it again!

    I could stay in my boudoir forever.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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