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    Hello everyone, My friends and I will start a new company soon. By god’s blessings, everything is going well. Now we are in search of the best furniture for office purposes. I don’t know more about furniture stores here. When browsing, I came across a furniture store in Ottawa. Does anyone know more about this company? Do you have any other suggestions?

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    No idea but Im not clicking a random link…

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    If you go to that company’s website, they’ll probably have a reviews section.  Also I’ve found Google often works really well to find alternatives.  I’ve never owned a business, but I know Staples is often popular for office furniture.

    I wish the best of luck to you with your startup 🙂

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    I would suggest furniture that is robust and practical. You don’t want to be frustrated by cheap flatpack things that are always falling apart. One point to consider is whether you are working in isolation or whether you are inviting clients into your premises and so will have to showcase your office. In that case your office becomes part of the advertising. I know here (in the Uk) there is help and advice available. Is there free advice over there?

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    Just to second Mamie and SpinningJen’s posts.

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