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    I’m sure we all do, lol.  I’m thinking of this topic more as a way to sort of laugh at ourselves for things we notice we just can’t seem to help.

    For me lately, it’s sandals shopping.

    I’ll be online looking for something I need, and I’ll see an advertisement or a recommendation that shows some cute open-toe shoes, and I just can’t seem to help myself but clicking and going to take a look.  So I think I’m going to spend ten minutes quickly grabbing something I need, and suddenly I’ve wasted more than half an hour looking at shoes I don’t really need.  It’s been getting bad over this past year it seems – now that I don’t have my ex to criticize me, lol.  I now have a closet full of sandals I’ve bought and have maybe worn only once, if at all.

    I don’t seem to be affected by closed-toe shoes the same way for some reason.

    And yes, I’m posting this because I just clicked a DSW banner on this forum and realized what I’d done 😛

    Anything you notice you just can’t seem to resist?

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    For me it is looking at things on the computer. Not particularly buying as I don’t have the space (too much already lol), but I look things up then get sidetracked when I see something interesting, and before I know it a couple of hours may have passed. I download a lot too and have lots of information I never get the time to read. My work used to involve a lot of research, which I loved, and I still spend lots of time doing it with whatever subject I am persuing.

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    I am addicted to shoe porn! LOL.

    I would look at high heels all day, if I could. I am a little afraid to wear them, though: I am scared of rolling my ankle and falling. BUT I do love shoes. Women are so lucky to get to wear beautiful & stylish footwear.

    My favourite shoes are rainbow designs. In my bookmarks feed, I have links to different styles of shoe: from gold heels to rainbow heels to white heels, etc. I am tempted to buy a few pairs online [via the link], as I want to look wonderful.

    That’s my weakness!

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    I don’t have enough space either Jen, but I’m not as wise as you are … I still buy anyway, and then I’m stuck with all this clutter until I eventually purge myself of all the junk I’ve collected, lol.


    Actually, yesterday I got rid of three big bags of old clothing from my bedroom. AND a few months ago got rid of 3 smaller bags of stuff from a chest of drawers. How could one room have so much stuff in it? And I thought I wasn’t a hoarder. BUT I have been throwing things away: albeit slowly, but thrown away nevertheless.

    I am all about purging myself of mess and clutter. Step-by-step is best.

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    Tis the season (for summer footwear). 🙂  We can always use shoes, eventually. 😉

    I think it’s a good idea to buy something when we see it. That’s what I do when I’m in a store. Because if I don’t buy it then, the next time I go into the store, it might not be there anymore or (horror of horrors 😄), the price has gone up – for the same item! grrrr! lol

    Think of the money you save by not having a boyfriend/husband anymore. You can use that money for cute footwear. 🙂
    Maybe it’s your way of making up for when you didn’t feel comfortable buying shoes (because of your ex’s criticism). Now that you don’t have that negative element in your life anymore, you have the freedom to do what you want, to compensate, to create a balance once again. In time, when you’ve healed from the past, you’ll find you may not need to create that “happiness” by buying those shoes. (That’s may be why you gravitate towards open-toe shoes as opposed to closed-toe shoes – freedom.) 💜

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    I have now sorted through my kitchen cupboards and thrown away a load of stuff. I also cleared out loads of CDs and DVDs I was never going to listen to or watch. I am really, really getting rid of items.

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