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    I don’t want details of disagreements with others, but am interested in seeing if other people have enemies and how they deal with conflict in that regard. I have one or two enemies – not intentionally made – but enemies nevertheless. I realize this is a difficult subject but when you encounter jealousy, resentment flares and nasty behaviour happens. If you’ve been the victim of jealousy, how did you handle it? Again, I don’t want details of any fights – physical or not – but does it bother you? Are there people you choose not to like? Even if you don’t act on it?

    I’d be very interested in all your replies.


    Enemies is a strong word.

    No I dont think I have enemies but Im sure there are a few people who dont like me.  Generally if someone is nasty or I dont like their attitude I just walk away and remove them from my conscious thoughts.

    Spending time thinking about or going over old arguments is a waste of my time so I just dont.

    However if Im confronted or if someone pushes then they had better be very careful.. I am ruthless and will do whatever it takes to remove a threat.

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    I agree Cassandra. I am a bit more unpredictable as I am fairly submissive most of the time but can easily be driven to acting decisively.


    I don’t personally hate anyone, but I do tend to have reserved feelings about people I see acting cruelly to others.

    Sadly, I’m very accustomed to being a target for bullies.  I’m not entirely sure why, but some people really hate me with a burning passion (people who are mean not just to myself), and like to torment me.

    I’m not a fighter, I generally just don’t respond or react, it’s my only defense really.  I do appreciate it very much when someone else stands up for me.


    Sometimes I wonder if my enemy is myself. I suppose though that I am being my own best friend. All these demons come from inside of me. I have caused my own problems. Still, I try to be positive and protect and cherish myself. Any demon in my head is actually myself. I have learnt this through years of living. I try to never put myself down and will never hurt myself. I trust the voice within.

    Does anyone else do this? How have you learnt to deal with raising your self esteem? I had been an awful teenager but I have grown and am becoming more wise. But life is about living and learning. There are some people who believe I still have low self esteem, but that has changed. I look out for myself and know to love myself.

    This all sounds philosophical, but it is true. I am still fairly young and know to not people please and to protect myself.

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    Kitty, I think we are all our own worst enemy.  I know I am mine.  There is something to be said about the self-fulfilling prophesy in that if you believe bad things will happen to you, they ultimately will.  It must be the vibe we give off to others that make them feel they are allowed to treat us a certain way, like Mamie’s bullies.

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    To be honest what works the best for me is to remind me that I would never let anyone talk to me the way I talk to myself. It often makes me kinder to myself.
    After all, you’re the only person with whom you’re stuck forever! So you’d better get along with yourself 🙂

    To answer the initial question, even though I am trying to not spend to much time on hating people, there is this one girl at work that is using my nerves… I am just trying to avoid her as much as possible 🙂


    I agree, Herzeka: I only have myself and will always have to live with myself. It makes sense to be kind to myself and cherish myself. When I am on my deathbed [hopefully not for a long, long time!] I will be able to say I took care of myself and made the best of my life. Because – you’re right – I am stuck with myself forever: so I’d best make the most of it.

    Also, Mamies bullies are horrible. I hope you’re alright Mamie. It must be terribly upsetting. I am not pitying you, though. Just ride the storm and see them fade away as your life moves on. They’re not worth your time. They’ll leave you alone one day.

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