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    a hobby that is not obviously a hobby. Do you have hobby that is what others might consider a chore, a tedious task but you beg to differ. To you its a perusal through something that engages your mind. an example could be reading a classic not for a book club but for simple enjoyment. Another example is picking up scientific American from the magazine kiosk and actually reading it from cover to cover. Ha?


    um I don’t think so but I guess it depends on perspective!


    A few people reckon I breathe far too often, and I should take a few days off.

    But I like it,

    It helps pass the time. Besides, what would I do with the time I had saved? It would probably just be spent laying around doing nothing.


    My hobby is reading books and magazines. Boring to some but fabulous to me!


    yeah, I guess, it just shows you that perspectives differ. That is why I avoid making wide sweeping presumptions about what people consider a leisure activity vs work time or chore activities. Our perceptions of leisure time concepts vary from person to person, as well as culture to culture.


    I love reading and writing fiction. Other people give me a lot of grief about it. They are constantly telling me to get a life and get out of my apartment more.

    I find that very arrogant of them. It’s like they think they know what’s best for my life. Or they assume that because they wouldn’t like reading/writing in their free time, then I shouldn’t like it. As you all can probably imagine, those discussions don’t usually end well.


    I have a friend who actually really & truly loves ironing!! Now that is beyond belief to me!!

    My Brother is really into ancestry, whilst my DH thinks it’s the most boring thing ever.
    All a matter of taste & if we disagree with what someone does in their own time, we really should keep our mouths shut about it.


    People have every right to choose for themselves how to spend their free time. Others may or may not agree with it, but it is none of their business. If someone wants to collect stamps or play scrabble that is their prerogative. I love creative writing and some have a problem with it, but I don’t make it my problem. It is MY life not theirs. If you love doing something, stay with it: it is no-one else’s concern at the end of the day.


    It’s strange I know, but I actually like washing the dishes.  I like to see a tidy kitchen, but do feel I would miss actually doing them. Sometimes I have wondered whether I have OCD, but in other areas although I don’t like the untidy look I don’t worry too much so I think I am Ok.



    You’re not alone with that, SpinningJen. I am always washing up the dishes and cleaning my bathroom and kitchen. I always wash the laundry and hoover. I love living in a clean & tidy home. I think I always will. Dirt and mess drive me up the wall. Thankfully I live on my own, so don’t have to put up with someone else’s mess. I am also very organized. Everything has its place and I don’t lose things. I do have to say I like being like this! You should never apologize, either.


    I like to dance – not that I’m any good at it – but I go to a dance class every week. It helps me relax.


    I love dancing, too: I have tried line dancing and love freestyle dancing. I have always wanted to learn ballroom, as well. I have been told I’m a very good dancer. It is certainly very enjoyable.


    I like cooking and baking.  I love either trying new recipes or turning things up a notch in the dessert department.  This is a picture of my most recent Black Forest Cake.

    I’ve always made the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte with the traditional Kirschwasser (cherry brandy).  This time, I experimented making it with rum, to the delight of the distillery owners for whom I baked it.

    [attachment file=161705]

    I agree with Kit about everyone choosing their own bliss.  You wouldn’t believe how many people have told me, “Boy, you sure have a lot of time on your hands.”  I’ve never heard anyone say that to an avid fisherman or golfer.  Oh, well…


    My hobby is drawing and painting for stress release and nothing more. I don’t do it to make some masterpiece to show off at an Art Show or anything it is just to release some energy. It works for me.


    Art is fabulous, Mellow Yellow. I vaguely dabbled in drawing & painting, but it wasn’t for me. If I may ask, what do you paint? Portraits, landscapes, watercolour, modern? If you’re able, I’d love to see some of your paintings. Anyhow, art is a wonderful form of expression. I have always loved art.

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