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    I recently read yet another report that had some statistic about the number of us that ‘know’ our neighbours. I cant remember what the figures were off the top of my head but the was a high percentage of people that didn’t know the names of their neighbours and a figure almost as high that was the number of us that have never even spoken to our neighbours.

    I have to admit I dont know the names of the people that live next door to us, but when I pass them in the street or see them I always say hello. I think it is a shame that we know our neighbours less these days, surely knowing our neighbours better helps bring us together as a community and brings a number of added benefits?

    Why is it that these days we seem to be becoming more insular?


    I know most of the people in my street, and I have only lived in this house a year.

    Don’t see people so much in winter, but in summer I can chat for ages to people. Only one house I don’t know and that’s my neighbours on the right – they are right ignorant gits and will walk past s in the street. They moved in just after we did, and everyone else has lived on the street for 10+ years, so maybe that explains it.

    When we were doing up the garden, we even had the grandson of one of our neighbours coming along every day to help out. 🙂 and OH cuts down the shrubs for the woman next door.

    So, all mostly very neigbourly here 😆


    I know my neighbours on a first name basis only and wave and say hello daily.

    We live on acreage so our neighbours are not as close as they would be if we lived in a town or city. Closest village is a 15km drive away.

    I do think that people seem to have become more wary of each other these days, it seems that now people think twice before doing a good turn in case it is misconstrued as being something that it isn’t.

    A shame really 🙁


    I know mine well enough to say hello to them when I bump into them but otherwise not very well. My road is mostly non-residential so it doesn’t have much of a commnity feel to it


    I have one set of neighbours on side that I get on very well with. The other side however is a different story. I wish they,d move. They are a dreadful family. They cannot seem to have one single “normal conversation”. Every sentence has the “F” word in it. I,d be surprised if her childrens first words wern,t “F” as well.

    They regularly shout and scream, and they THUNDER up the stairs. I mean that literally. They sound like a heard of elephants. When she shouts, she sounds like a T Rex. She actually roars.

    The children are dreadfull too. After only a week at primary school, her daughter, who was then 7, was suspended for swearing and hitting other children. And they are always banging doors. It doesn,t make any difference what time of day is it either. She obviously couldn,t care less that sound carries in the night, and that their racket might wake us up. They had a new puppy. Now you know how puppies are. It was it,s first night in a strange new house and it was crying. What did they do? Scream at it to shut the “F” up!! I,ve seen her taking it for a walk and shouting at it. It cowered on the ground.I hope it bites her. Evil woman she is. >:(


    I know most of my neighbors by name, at least the ones within a few houses of me. In the summertime, we’re out there with the kids and see each other more. My kids are a bit younger than the others close by so they don’t play together, yet, but maybe in a couple years.



    I think we may live next door but 1 Souxi cause my neighbour is just like that lol. The only thing is the woman shouts too loud so I cant make out what they are arguing over. I could honestly say that I wouldn’t even recognize my neighbors in the street let alone say hi and I have lived in my house a years now.

    I did try at first at least.

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