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Do You Love Autumn?

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    Autumn is my favourite season. I look forward to this season every year. I just love Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night. I also love the romance of books and poems based on autumn. Nature is so beautiful this time of year, too.

    Over to you.


    I think it has got to be my favourite time of year all those fabulous colours I love those misty mornings bright afternoons it’s cool enough to walk but it’s warm enough not to have to wear huge coats hats and gloves just brilliant….


    autumn is nice. second favorite after winter


    I like the colder months. no heatwaves, no annoying insects, and loads of stuff to look forward to (halloween and guy fawkes like you said,), also christmas which I love too.


    I make a big thing of it. tree, calendar, turkey, lights, I’m alone for it but it’s still fun


    I like autumn as well.  Unfortunately, we don’t really have a spring and autumn, or they’re really short.  It all kind of melds together with summer and winter.


    I prefer spring and summer although there are good points about all the seasons.



    I to love Autumn, going for romantic walks among the fallen leaves. Watching those gorgeous sunsets and long Winter evenings cuddled up on the settee.


    It’ll be Halloween before we all know it!

    If I had children, I would go Trick or Treating with them. I never did that as a child myself. I won’t deprive my future kids of Trick or Treating. I would also like to go to a Halloween party and dress up as a Candy Girl.

    Guy Fawkes night, I would spend 3 hours milling about and enjoying the night air and eating a burger. I love watching the fireworks. I should definitely celebrate this time of the year in style!


    definitely an autumn girl here


    Im not sure how many autumn festivities will be allowed this year.

    We normally have St Martin on Nov 11th the children come to the door with lanterns and sing songs but I dont know what the rules will be because of covid.. I think if its allowed I will just put a pillowcase filled with sweets on the door and ask the children to politely help themselves and when its empty its empty…


    But it is so nice seeing all the little lanterns bobbing along the streets and hearing all the children singing.

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    We already have some treats set aside for Halloween but I expect it to be quiet although probably a good few pumpkins around.


    The world of witchcraft loves this time of year. There are so many traditions and superstitions. One of my friends practices witchcraft. Which* I think is rather cool. I am not a witch myself – although I do have an interest in the occult.

    Anyhow, when I have kids I shall take them trick or treating every Halloween that comes around. I wasn’t allowed to do so myself when I was a kid, but my children shall. I won’t deprive them of such an important season in the world of witchcraft!

    *A bit of a pun!


    Have private messaged you back as promised KitKatKitty.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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