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Do You Love Nail Polish?

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    I do 100%. I am addicted.

    I painted my nails red today: they look gorgeous. I am forever switching up my nail polish. This is my way of giving myself manicures:

    1. Remove old nail polish
    2. Cut nails down short with nail scissors
    3. File nails to get rid of jaggedy edges
    4. Clean nails with soap and a nail brush
    5. Always use hand cream
    6. Use a clear base coat
    7. Apply colour in one application

    I have been painting my nails since 12 years old, so I know the drill. If you’re interested, you could follow the above tips.


    I really like the smell of it. a lot of people think it’s too strong, but I don’t. it’s right up their with the smell of smoke… another smell I like as well.


    as for using it, well sometimes red. honestly I prefer the smell to using it, but using it’s cool..


    if anything, it is a great self-care activity. great if you’ve had a long day


    Self care is very important to me. I shall always look after myself: both with beauty products and with my social/personal life.


    I painted my nails today: I used a iridescent pink colour. It is gorgeous!


    I used a gorgeous Essie clear glitter nail polish this morning.

    What colour are YOU wearing today?


    I love the idea of a glitter polish! I’d probably want a little bit of colour in there.

    I’m not wearing any polish (though I may get back into that someday). I am wearing colour in my accessories, though: my family ring has pink, blue, and purple (plus I wear a separate pearl ring for my birth month); my butterfly necklace is blue-green, my string bracelet has a blue flower, and my Eiffel Tower earrings have the colours of the French flag. 😀 Oh, my watch has a bit of colour, too, since it’s got the logo of the Montreal Canadiens NHL team. (My socks are blue and grey as well. Boring colours begone in my wardrobe, hee hee!)


    I have many colors of nail polish. Right now, I’m wearing dark pink, but I also like different shades of red, pink, and I have a purple one too. Now that the warmer weather is here, I’m wearing sandals, or flip flops more so I paint my toe nails too. I don’t bother with my toe nail in the winter months. Nail polish makes a great stocking stuffer at Christmas too. My husband buys me some every year.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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