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Do You Love Technology In The 21st Century?

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    I do! The 21st century is brilliant. I love smart phones, computers, airplanes, drones: in fact, anything and everything. Computers are fabulous and I certainly could not function without one. I really love science, too: there is so much to learn and do. Especially with mathematics. Computer science has revolutionized the world. Computers are worth trillions worldwide: and the Internet even more. And with good reason.

    What about you? Do you love your computer and other technology? I do often imagine a world without technology and it is unthinkable.

    Your thoughts? Opinions? Perspectives?


    I do love it and I make good use of it but I think its best when used to compliment what we have around us , technology cant replace nature or real human contact and I think its important to get that balance right.


    I like technology, but I don’t really follow developments.

    if I have it, and it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it.


    I can’t aford expensive software and tech. I was lucky to get an alexa for christmas some years ago, but even now they have better, and more updated versions


    and, I too love my computer- especially during these times we are living in


    I’m so glad we’ve had technology since March of last year, when restrictions came to my area. It’s been very helpful for staying connected and for getting things done with less contact needed. I never was one for larger crowds, anyway, and it’s great that we have alternatives! I can’t imagine how much worse it would be for everyone’s mental health if we were unable to get online!

    I really enjoy having a phone with me all the time, but I’m discovering that larger screens are better for the eyes (partly from the experiences of the oldest boy while he undergoes vision therapy). So I’m trying to do more on my tablet, and if that’s too slow, my laptop is likely handy! Also, I like the larger keyboard of a computer. (I even have an extra keyboard with typewriter-like keys because I love that feel. Too noisy for nighttime, though, so it’s good that it’s not the only keyboard available…)

    I try not to be too reliant on technology, or at least know of a backup method if there’s no Internet access or we have a power outage. For example, I’m glad I have more than enough print books to keep me going if I couldn’t download more from Kindle Unlimited. 😉 And having the public library if I decided I needed to cut the monthly cost of the Unlimited subscription fee… It’s also great just to get outdoors rather than be sitting at a computer for a long time or finding yourself hunched over a mobile device.

    So, a balance is good if we can find it, but we definitely have big advantages with the presence of technology. And there are disadvantages like security, privacy, and the like, but I don’t usually want to dwell on them. I wasn’t the only one in a particular library program class who became overwhelmed with finding out all the negatives of the Internet and being a connected society – it was like our prof was trying to scare us into unplugging, finding an analog phone, and cowering in the corner. 😉 😉 Okay, maybe he was just trying to give us a well-rounded view, but it was still a bit much at the time!


    I have a very mixed view on technology. I hate phones and, although having a basic mobile phone, have never owned a smartphone and don’t see me getting one. My love is more for the natural world and getting away from technology a lot of the time. That said I have my very technical side so do have several computers which I use for different purposes. I do lots of research into different things, more for pleasure these days than actual work, so need the right equipment. I find modern technology can have a very mixed blessing. For instance although modern cars may be more reliable when they go wrong it often takes an expert to diagnose the problem. My car really puts me off my stride when it beeps at me at the moment because the temperature means the roads may be icy. It chooses the time when just setting off across a junction when I need to concentrate on driving rather than reading all the instruments and reacting to spurious warnings. It’s more danger than a help. The collision avoidance is a pain as it can false trigger and I have turned off the lane following as, on country roads which I mainly drive on, there are so many potholes that I often have to weave down the road.


    Technology does make life far easier.


    Up until I bought a new car in 2017, I never had a smart phone and didn’t see the need for one.  My car came with a Qi wireless charger and an infotainment system which connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth.  So, I decided to buy one…the Samsung Galaxy S7, as it was on its way out.  The day after I ordered it, the Galaxy S8 became available.  The prior 11 years, I had spent, maybe a total of $45 on a few cheap, by-the-minute cell phones (I guess they’re called disposables) to use in case of emergencies.  So, I’m still spending a lot less on average than someone who always has to have the latest and greatest tech.  I will keep that phone until it dies.

    Now, it seems we’re required to have cell phones, since various purchases require one to get them started (like my noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones).

    I’m thinking about getting a smart phone just for household devices…it stays at home, and we never make calls with it nor provide the number to anyone.  I believe, eventually, they’ll take the place of our various remote controls.


    I still like my regular headphones and sport earbuds. (Regular ones feel like they’re gonna fall out of my ears when I walk, so I went to the sport design. Feels weird to say that, though, since I’m not an athlete or marathon runner, hee hee.) I do have a Bluetooth speaker, but I found that it tended to disconnect at odd moments. Boo. Now it’s just sitting around waiting for me to try it out again.

    I’m not interested in having my household items turned into smart devices, not at this point anyway. I’m resisting getting a newer TV if it’s going to be a smart one, and I’d probably try to limit how often it connects to the Internet in case it’s not secure and could be a way to hack into your house’s wi-fi… The lack of security is one of my biggest concerns with everything being Internet-connected. Otherwise, I’m mostly concerned we’ll be too reliant on tech that we won’t know what to do if we have an outage. There need to be backups for things, like being able to pay at a grocery store or pharmacy if their computer system is down…


    I still carry money, and even a cheque book although it’s not often I use them, especially at the moment.


    I also always carry money with me, SpinningJen. You’ll never know when you need it. Either for an emergency bus trip, a book of stamps, a readymeal because you’re out of food… the list goes on.

    I also always carry my bank card. I need to not be without it. I also make sure there’s plenty of money in my bank account for any contingenices.


    I spelt CONTINGENCIES wrong! It should’ve been contingencies.

    I do apologise.


    Typos happen to the best of us! I suspect my brain corrected it automatically, though it tends to avoid doing that. (Editor mode always on…)


    [quote quote=228044]I spelt CONTINGENCIES wrong! It should’ve been contingencies.

    I do apologise.

    A good example of the ‘i’ before ‘e’ excpet after ‘c’ rule not being perfect either lol



    I have to say that I very much love technology on a day when a new rover landed on Mars. It was thrilling to see how the team at NASA worked together to use that tech, and to see how their hard work for years resulted in landing a large piece of tech on another planet… Go, human beans, go! (That would be the BFG’s cheer, ha ha!)

    We may have many things to solve about the way we treat each other, but look what happens when we work together! If we could get our act together socially and relationally, what else could we do with technology? 🙂

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