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Do You Love Technology In The 21st Century?

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    I agree 100% with you, Rebecca! I’ve only just found out – via Facebook – about the new Rover landing on Mars. A brilliant achievement. And you’re right: if we get out act together socially and relationally, we could really improve this world. Because earth is our paradise and the beating heart of the universe. We must treasure our jewel.

    Back to Mars: I have always been interested in Mars and NASA’s mission. I wrote a story called “Mission To Mars”. It is about how NASA turn Mars into another earth. If we could do it, it would be the event of the 21st century: or the 22nd century. But there is much, much work to do to make it happen.

    1. The Mars 2 rovers have to complete their Mars terrain tests: checking for volcanic eruptions/dust storms/earthquakes/etc.
    2. There has to be enough oxygen in Mars atmosphere for humans to breathe normally
    3. There has to be people able to travel through space to reach Mars: and do so safely
    4. Buildings would need to be constructed
    5. Food and water sources would need to be looked into
    6. There’d have to be toilets made [I know that sounds awful, but it’s true]
    7. NASA would have to recruit the first people on Mars and train them to travel through space
    8. NASA would have to incorporate security systems in space, if the general public have access to space travel

    There are so many factors involved in getting people onto Mars. Systems and security would have to be implemented. You can’t just go on a spaceship and have a few nights on Mars. There are a LOT of factors involved in landing humans on Mars.

    That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but it will continue to take many years. Perhaps at the end of our lifetime. But NASA will do it.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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