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Do You Love Writing? Anything Else?

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    I do! If you don’t, what are YOUR skills? Are you a genius at mathematics? Fluent in French/German/Spanish/etc? Are you a gifted painter or photographer? Are you brilliant at science?

    What do you suck at that you wish you were brilliant at? Mine would be mathematics. I’d LOVE to be a genius at it, but am not. My sister and dad are incredibly gifted with numbers. If only I were! I can write poems, am highly logical and have an interest in science, I just cannot count like Einstein could. It is very frustrating.

    Your thoughts?


    I am a beliver in that most people can be fairly good at a lot more things than they think if they try. I was never any good at all at art, being more into science and mathematics which is why I have worked in more technical fields. It has not stopped my art though as I love painting and drawing. I suppose it is from an early age as I spent much time at primary school drawing little doodles. I would not say I am brilliant at anything but all the subjects you mention Kitty have been things I have done some learning in, one way or another, over the years as I have done with work, and really still do at home, lots of research. Over the years, with varied jobs, some skills in most things have been useful. These days, with the internet, some understanding of different languages and cultures is very important as well as interesting.

    I would say, in my opinion Kitty, that although Einstein was undoubtably brilliant, in his latter years he was perhaps ‘more normal’ if I can use that phrase. Like many he seems to have done his best work when his mind was growing. We can all have our day, and it only takes a flash of inspiration to change a life even though it is hard work which usually makes one.


    I see what you’re saying, SpinningJen: if someone really wants to learn how to do something, they should try. And I’ve taken my own advice in the past: by attending mathematics classes. They did help and I really enjoyed them. I actually LOVE mathematics. It is like riddles of the mind and can be perplexing. But I try and try and always will. I may well study maths again: to kick up the dust.


    I love to write–if anything, it’s a passion. I remember my 8th Grade English teacher practically begging me to take part in the story-writing competition, and I did. I won. My story was even referred to in the examiner’s report when I did my IGCSE’s. I also wrote poetry up until 15. I think that’s part of the reason I’m studying Mass Communications now.

    As for what I suck at… I wish I had a knack for musical instruments. It comes to some people naturally, and I am not one of those people. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the piano. I also wish I was good at Physics. I used to feel so dumb in my AS Physics classes. It’s the only subject I could never wrap my head around.


    Numbers are my nemisis.I hate math, always have.

    What do I do ? I  have a need to write , Im always writing something, two books published a third stranded at 35000 words and several short stories in strorage plus an idea for a childrens book/set of stories , a blog 3, FB pages and several forums !

    I also love to take photos and to cook, I wouldnt say Im brilliant at any of them but I get enjoyment and fulfillment out of them and thats the most important thing to me.


    Oh I do speak Dutch (fluently)  some French and German and I read  and understand the Friesian dialect and read Danish (dont ask.. I dont understand that myself)


    Being fluent in Dutch is impressive, cassandra. I wish I were fluent in French! Such a beautiful language. Next to Dutch, of course.

    You don’t have to be a professional to love taking photographs and to cook. Activities like that only have to be done out of pleasure: it isn’t a competition! As your mother always told you: if you enjoy it, that’s all that matters. Oh: I do a little cooking myself. Although I only cook with my sister, at her house of an evening. We have made many great dishes. I certainly enjoy my food! Plus, it’s healthy, so it’s all good.

    Personally, I love reading novels and magazines. I LOVE women’s magazines and have been reading them for years. I read several novels every fortnight. I could go on.

    Good luck with your writing, Cassandra. And if you ever need any tips, don’t hesitate to private message me.


    I agree with Jen we can all be reasonably good at most things if we practice, except I am totally useless at music. My mother had me do piano lessons at school, but as soon as I learned one part and moved on to the next I  forgot the first bit silly me. Like Jen art is my thing but I can cook a mean dinner if I do say so.


    [quote quote=202953]Being fluent in Dutch is impressive, cassandra. I wish I were fluent in French! Such a beautiful language. Next to Dutch, of course.


    Lol no way that Dutch is what could be called a pretty language. Its close to German (but dont let the Dutch hear you say that ) and its very gutteral and throaty. Friesan is a very countryside languge, its similar in shape to a thick Devon or Suffolk accent and its not pretty at all but works as a functional dialect and is read phonetically.

    One exception to this is the song Wer bisto by Twarres which I love



    I have glanced at Dutch but it did confuse me with it’s similarity to German. I did want to learn German but I found it significanly harder than French and other southern Euopean languages. Even funnily to Cyrillic languages as well. I am only fluent in English but can understand quite a bit of French and do checkout technical things at times in other languages but, although I can often understand meanings from the nouns and figures, I am not conversant with the grammar.

    One incident I always find amusing is that, years ago, my sister had a Dutch friend (a relation of people she knew in the village). She spoke English well, but worked part time in a US airbase. Her English was with a strong American accent as well as Dutch. It just sounded strange but surprisingly pleasant lol


    I actually am the opposite, Spinning Jen: I found German much easier than French at school. This could be because my mum was Swedish: their language is similar. I pick up German very quickly, but struggle with French. I do love the French language, but I just cannot get along with it. German – when I was in class – was incredibly easy. I rather like German, too.


    I have had a new book of mine published by Lulu.com. I LOVE the way it has turned out. It was well written and edited. I do enjoy creative writing and putting my work on the Internet. I definitely go my own way: regardless of bumps in the road.

    Anyhow, back to German: it is a nice language and I would love to speak it. French is too difficult for me, so if I spoke to my school-girl self, I would advise she forget French and stick with German.

    I also love other languages. Such as Chinese and Swedish. My sister is fluent in Swedish. I should be jealous, but I’m not. My sister has been speaking Swedish since childhood and learnt from our grandmother – who is still alive, by the way. Swedish is certainly a beautiful language.

    Another penny’s worth.


    I have written another poem called “The Chocolate Story”. I am rather pleased with it. It is about the history of chocolate: hence the title.

    I hope anyone on here enjoys reading it!


    I’ve studied Spanish, French and German.  At one time (over 30 years ago) I was fairly fluent in German.  I think that German is the most difficult of the three.


    In the “Anything Else?” category, I do enjoy baking.  This is a picture of a cake I uploaded back in November of last year.  (I have posted a different picture elsewhere in this forum.)  At that time, it was placed in the middle of 492 photos which were ranked from highest to lowest depending on viewer ratings.

    The site has since undergone a redesign, so I don’t know how the pictures are ranked.  Meaning, I don’t know if it was voted to the top or not.  The one you see here is mine:

    Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte



    Just to tell you: I have had a new book with Lulu.com published. It is called “Legend 2019” and is worth a read. I applied a lower price as I could. I do think you guys should buy it: it’s interesting and quirky. I would also suggest buying “Welcome To Hell” and “Realm of Dreams”. I promise they’re really good books.

    Just a plug!

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