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Do You Love Your Sleep?

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    I must say, I do. However, I am not sleeping throughout the night: I am getting up at 1am or 2am to eat. I eat properly in the day, I just night-eat. Anyhow, I do love my sleep and always look forward to falling asleep at night.

    What about you?


    Funny that I am not sleeping well at the moment, I think it is a combination of the heat and early sunrises. Nice to sleep naked though for a while.


    I am always tired, the old joke about sleeping on a string ? Thats me I have fallen asleep in church, in cinemas, in restaurants between courses, on the loo and  even at my own birthday party. Its a medical thing and cant be helped.

    While Im up and moving Im fine and seem to have bags of energy but as soon as I sit still I fall asleep. I am careful when travelling in case I miss my stop on the train or my flight.. Really its that bad.

    As I have aged I have noticed I tend to wake in the night to pee but I can walk to the bathroom and back with one eye half open.So it doesnt really disturb me. It does get OH a bit upset when he goes to clean his teeth comes back and speaks to me only to find Im away in the land of nod..

    One thing I do love about my sleep is that I am blessed with something called vivid dreaming, this means my dreams are very very real.  I see, hear, and feel things, sometimes I have trouble when I wake up becuase Im not sure if something has happened or if I have dreamt it.

    But when its good its great.  I have had a lovely lunch with my father, (he died in 1985) the lawn had just been cut and as we sat on his balcony ( he never lived anywhere with a balcony) we could smell the fresh cut grass, the sun was shining on my face and when I woke up one side of my face was warm where the sun had been.

    When its bad (and this is why people say they suffer from vivid dreams) its really bad. In one dream I was stabbed and woke up gasping in physical pain clutching my cheast looking for the wound. There have been dreams where someone has died and I wake up crying and have to check FB to make sure its not true.

    All in all I have to say I love my sleep but I never have a lie in, at 6am summer (5 if its very hot) and 7am winter the alarm goes off and Im up and out with my dogs.



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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 1 month ago by cassandra.

    I am similar in a lot of ways Cassandra although probably not quite to that extent. I can easily drop off on bus or train but usually wake before my stop. I have been known to sleep almost anywhere. Even in a discotheque which tends to amuse people.

    I do dream really vivid. Not quite to the extent as when I was younger, but there are a number of things in my memory which I am not sure happened or not. They seem so real. Sometimes my dreams have inter-acted directly with reality. I remember one a TV program on codes and ciphers. There was a competition to win a holiday won by answering a question, the answer being given by decoding several coded passages with differing ciphers. I remember the series was only about three quarters of the way through when the answer came to me in a dream during the night. It was sad though as I didn’t win the holiday lol. It is nice to go to bed and start a story in my mind, continuing it when asleep in a dream and waking remembering. I don’t often get nightmares but they can be hard as they seem so real. I used to cry when I was little sometimes.

    I used to use an alarm clock years ago, but, although I still have the clock, in latter years I stopped using the alarm. I came to the conclusion that if I did not wake up then I was tired or ill. I don’t remember a time since then when I was late for work because I didn’t wake up. My body clock seems to work well.

    I love my sleep!



    [quote quote=202829]Funny that I am not sleeping well at the moment, I think it is a combination of the heat and early sunrises. Nice to sleep naked though for a while.

    I have had that problem too, as for the naked thing. Ive never understood why people feel the need to get fully dressed to go to bed! Although it does have advantages.There were serveral occasions last week when I would have loved to throw open my wndow and yell at someone but my state of undress prevented me.Last Saturday evening it was so hot and we finally trudged upstairs to bed at 11.30 . We got comfy and despite the sticky heat we finally dozed off…… At 1am some idiot was  in the street yelling at the top of their voice BYEEEE SEE YOU LATERRRR…. LOVLEY EVENING.. BYEEEEE BYEEEE. SEE YOU NEXT TIME BYYEEEE.. Along with the yelling is the high pitched screamy giggle of an obviously drunken woman, she sounded like a hyena on laughing gas.. It made the dogs jump and fearing an invasion by drunken hyenas on laughing gas they barked, which made us jump , so we unstuck ourselves from the sheet we had become attached to like bluebottles on a fly paper and stumbled to the window slamming it shut.. Peace returned but the temperature rose again…

    We collapsed back into bed and tried to find the cool spot so that we could hopefully get a couple of hours sleep..

    Then on Sunday it was about 2am when George started to growl being aware that no one likes a barking dog in the middle of the night I jumped up to shut the window and round the corner comes a man blowing one of those football trumpet things..

    Monday night neighbours two doors up were the culprits, she had guests and stood on the doorstep waving people goodbye at 5 minute intervals from about 12,30 until 01.15 and laughing like a cat with its tail caught in the door.

    The hair stood up on the back of my neck and my temper was at boiling point but I managed to calm myself and tried to get back to sleep.

    So heres a tip to anyone having guests, duct tape their mouths before they leave your house because it was only strict gun laws kept these people from having an backside full of bird shot for keeping me awake. (ps this also applies to the hosts)

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    I used to dream of being chased up a long hill, fortunately I always woke up before I was caught, what does that mean ?


    It sounds a bit like the falling off a cliff and never hitting the bottom, Maybe something to do with facing your fears, but I am no expert. I say that because I often had the falling off a cliff and pushed myself to hit the bottom one time. An interesting experience, but not to be feared.


    Oh dear Cassandra, I’m so sorry your neighbors are so inconsiderate!

    I’m a very fussy sleeper, things have to be perfect.  I can’t have any imperfections in my mattress, and my sheets have to be just right.  I need it to be cool (thank goodness for central air conditioning!), and I can’t have any lights on.  I also have to have my ceiling fan going, because I need air flow, and I also have to use a breathe right nasal strip.  I’ve got to have water close by, and I can’t have anything touching me in certain spots (like the small of my back) I also can’t have any artificial sounds, like a clock ticking … I use a white noise sound machine so I can block out everything.

    I love having my husband (and I love using that word!) in bed with me, but he snores, so I have to keep waking him and asking him to turn over.  He isn’t so bad when he’s facing away from me, but he keeps rolling onto his back which is just the worst.

    I like using a sunrise simulator lamp to wake up, it’s really wonderful!

    I also dream very vividly, but my dreams are usually crazy.  I get those ones too where I can’t tell if it’s real or not, and sometimes I wake up totally confused where I am!  Last night I dreamt that my husband put all sorts of crazy things in the dishwasher, and I woke up totally convinced it really happened!  I used to get abduction dreams a lot, but I haven’t had those in a while now.

    I sleep with just panties in the summer … I’m too terrified of spotting and ruining my bed.  I’ve had random spotting even when not on my period.


    It sounds like you have some interesting gadgets Mamie. I’d love to try the sunrise simulator. My favourite wake up is actually the bird’s dawn chorus but in these days of double glazing so better soundproofingI don’t seem to hear it the same now. I am glad you don’t get your abduction dreams any more. They sound like a nightmare.


    I have nightmares myself: I often dream I’m in a town where there’s a T-Rex on the loose and everyone is running and screaming in fear. It is awful.

    I also dream I’m in a smokey, fuzzy room and as soon as I try to reach the door, my legs buckle and I fall down.

    Most of my dreams are nightmares. Now – I love my sleep – but these nightmares replay themselves over and over. Good old Freddie, eh?


    It is maybe only really something we can do when we were younger Kitty, or maybe something only some people can do, but have you tried playing with the nightmare in your dream? Instead of dreading what is happening, push it further or be more relaxed with it. Be brave and tame the T-Rex (remember the girl with King Kong or the varying nature of Godzilla). It is hard to explain but I think the easiest example I can give, as many people have the dream, is the one in which you are falling, from a cliff or other. There are many explnations about why you never hit the bottom, but I managed to do that, by facing it. I felt the landing but it was really strange. Funnily I don’t ever remembering having that dream since even though it was a long while ago, although maybe my memory is not perfect, but I have no fear of it now.


    I read your post with interest, SpinningJen: I am thinking of facing the T-Rex and risking being eaten. I do know the other people in T-Rex county are psycho and deserve to run in fear: but I don’t. I do feel the T-Rex symbolizes something in my mind – a great source of fear, but also freedom. The dinosaur is there for a reason. Maybe these people running actually deserve to be eaten. I mean, if they were angels, would they be in a place of such pain and fear? They seem innocent and needing help, but they must’ve done something evil to deserve that fate.

    Maybe I could lead tours and have them eaten instead!


    I have no choice but to endure the nightmares. Still, facing my worst nightmare might be the key to ending my problems.


    Better the horrors at night than a nasty reality in day! Seriously Kitty, I am no expert but if you explore yourself you may well feel better.

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