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    I do: and often. I like having groomed, fairly-thin eyebrows.

    What is YOUR eyebrow style? Full and thick or thin and groomed?


    This is one trend in which I refuse to partake.  Not too long ago, thin was in.  Now, thick is in…after everyone over-plucked for years, now they don’t have any and have to draw them on.

    I normally just pluck the strays.

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    To some extent I do but mine are light anyway so I don’t have to do too much. They tend to grow thickly which I don’t like but I am not one for too thin either.


    Never needed to mine are light and slightly thicker /rounded at the inner edge growing into that perfect arch and point at the outer eye..

    I hate the drawn on slugs people seem to favour now they look either angry or shocked depending on how high they draw them..


    I think beauty is personal taste. I won’t have thick eyebrows just because fashion says I should. On the other end, if someone liked having thick eyebrows and they weren’t in fashion, that would also be their prerogative. Every one should groom, dress and style themselves the way they want: not the way a magazine tells them to. But – that being said – I do think fashion is really for the younger generation. Older women tend to dress more to please themselves than a fashion magazine spread.

    Just a few viewpoints.

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    @KitKatKiity I agree its personal tatse and so a person should go with what suits not what they see in magazines or on tv .. But why on earth would anyone do this to their face?


    Its nasty not fashion and yet women are doing it and blindly following the ‘fashion’


    I would doubt many would do that twice Cassandra. You would have to be pretty thick skinned to do so. The thing is that these days she would be upset and may well be screaming predjudice if anyone laughed.


    Lets be honest that is extreame but there are lots like it and yes I do have a giggle at the really bad ones who look like very shocked oompa loompas full of fake tan and bad make up , not that we get many here its more clogs and wellingtons than fake tan here


    I don’t laugh, they’re obviously hurting really badly from self-esteem issues, and feel they need to do those types of things to fix it.  Then it’s a disaster, and they have to live with it … I feel so sad for them 🙁

    I get my eyebrows waxed.  I have naturally growing caterpillars, and they look just awful if I let them get out of control.  I also have a unibrow, so that also had to go.  I’ve had my unibrow lasered off for good, but I still go in about once a month to have my brows shaped.

    I don’t get anything crazy done, just making them look neat, and not like I’m some neanderthal or something.

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    You’ve got beautiful eyes, mamie. Definitely keep some of the thickness of your eyebrows. Your brows don’t look overgrown, either. Out of interest: what eye make up do you wear, Mamie? Do you like eyeliner and mascara? I don’t really wear eye make up myself, but do on nights out.

    Anyhow, I plucked my eyebrows last night, which I am sure you all find very interesting. LOL.

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    Thanks Kitty 🙂

    I use mascara almost daily, but I rarely wear eyeliner.  I’ll often gently brush the very ends of my eyelids with the tip of my mascara brush, just to help bring out some definition.  Unfortunately, my eyes are a bit deep-set and I need help to bring them forward.  I use a palette for eye shadow, usually sticking to pink/blush or brown/tan shades, depending on what I’m wearing.  I find that works better with my eye color.

    Here’s a cropped bit of a picture I took last week of my eyes closed.  Sorry it’s so small,  I had to shrink the original picture down to post it on a forum I visit.

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    I only speak truth.


    Well I like your eyebrows Mamie. Mikki x

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    I should wear eye make up myself, Mamie. I do have eyeshadows and all that gubbins. But I tend to just pluck my eyebrows.

    Your eyes look perfect to me: a lot of people love deep set eyes. I also definitely think you’ve got the right approach to your eye makeup. I’ve seen eyeliner on women and to me it looks cat-like and has a glamorous edge. Something you’d consider? And you don’t just have to stick to black: your eyes could suit a dark green or purple.

    Just a few ideas!

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    I plucked my eyebrows last night: I love having groomed brows.

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