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Do You Read Magzines?

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    I LOVE “Good Housekeeping” and “Woman & Home” magazines. I am a homebody, so they are perfect for me. I have always read women’s magazines. I loved reading 100’s of back issues of Cosmo in the 90’s. Cosmopolitan has lost its soul and allure now. It is such a shame because it had been such a fabulous magazine. I do also love reading books. And always will.

    What is YOUR favourite magazine? Or do you avoid them? What are your views on magazines in general? Are they just hype or do they have value? Do you believe they send false messages? Are they boring or a waste of time? Did you read any magazines when you were younger?

    I look forward to reading your replies!


    I’ve only ever read them at the doctor’s surgery to be honest I find them contradictory page one says love yourself accept yourself  page 2says how to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks,  page 3 says accept your body it’s beautiful ,Page four is a  crash diet ..drop a dress size by Christmas no I don’t like all that kind of thing.

    I do enjoy a magazine that’s out here called northern lands which is all about the Northern provinces of our country with some beautiful arts crafts and local producers.


    I love magazines especially the cookery items as I like to experiment, I find the fashion items are mega expensive but I suppose they just show you what is in fashion at the moment.


    I subscribe to only two magazines…Consumer Reports and Cuisine at Home…only one of which is online-only.  I like the idea of being able to electronically search for the recipe/review I want.  If I could get an online-only subscription for Cuisine at Home, I would.

    In my younger years, Cosmo, People, et. al. appealed to me.  Prior to coronavirus, I would peruse travel or architecture/design magazines at various waiting rooms.  Now, having such shared hands-on surfaces are taboo in waiting areas.

    Our grocery stores here stock “impulse-buy” items in the checkout lanes…sodas, candy, gossip rags, magazines, etc.  Many people pick one up to leaf through (without buying) while waiting for the cashier to serve the customer(s) in front of them.  I wouldn’t touch one in a grocery store, even in the dedicated magazine/book section.  Besides, the lines move fairly quickly.


    I have bought magazines in the past. I think the last ones I bought a few of though were a few years ago now. Upmarket, somewhat thicker and more expensive fashion magazines for inspiration for my artwork. These have more purely fashion content without much of the diet fads etc. These days I look online as there is lots of information on most things. I prefer to read book offline.


    I am now subscribing to “Woman & Home” magazine. It didn’t occur to me do to this until I started this thread! I don’t have to go to the shop to buy my favourite magazines now. I do also subscribe to “Good Housekeeping” magazine. I like to keep up with most latest publications.

    Anyhow, reading your thoughts and views about magazines is enlightening. I definitely feel they have value. HOWEVER, they are marketing tools: not ventures for social change. They advertize, basically. That is their purpose. They’re not there to change society or affect peoples views on weight and diet, for example. If a magazine – say Cosmo or Marie Claire – said exercise and diet were unnecessary and to not bother with dieting, the magazine would lose millions from their advertising ventures and businesses like Estee Lauder. And Zara and other beauty brands would also stop using the magazine for their adverts. In turn, the magazine would die a slow death, as no one would therefore buy it. This all sounds deeply unfair and manipulative. But that is the magazine’s purpose. If the magazines want to sell, they need the advertisers. They can’t get the advertisers if they don’t endorse diets. But the magazines try to compensate by running confidence articles. This – however – gives mixed messages about beauty and beauty standards.

    I bet you never thought of all that!


    And the diet industry is worth trillions worldwide.

    That is a big motivation to endorse dieting.


    [quote quote=215218]HOWEVER, they are marketing tools: not ventures for social change. They advertize, basically. That is their purpose.[/quote]
    Fashion magazines are 75% advertisements.  I have heartburn paying for ads.


    I have never read a physical magazeen.


    the closest I’ve come (well, it’s not really that close at all), but I get email newsletters from the radio times.


    I just like doing things online


    I agree with your approach, emily91: I like doing things online too. BUT I do still enjoy physical magazines. I just cannot get bored of them. They seem to have decreased in popularity since the Internet boomed. A lot of magazines only publish online these days. This is a problem if someone does not use the computer and has no technical skills. Now, I know I can use a computer – and have access to a computer – but there are others that don’t.

    Anyhow, I also love physical books, rather than using Kindle. Kindle is great, but give me an actual book and I’m in heaven!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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