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do you still use cds?

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    do you still use, (and buy), new cds?


    if so, how many do you have


    if  not, how do you mainly listen to music?


    I frequently get rid of cds I don’t use anymore. I think now I probably have a couple of hundred (I keep the now that’s what I call music, as I collect them), and I keep cds that are special memories to me- for example cds from stage musicals, or places that I’ve been which are not easily obtainable via amazon or what ever


    I listen to a lot of music via alexa’s amazon music (I have quite an impressive library their), and I have a couple thousand (yes, thousand) songs on my computer- and love to shuffle my playlist. I have everything on their from the beatles and elvis, to the latest chart hits


    I try to avoid the radio (because I find it very repetitive with the tracks they play), but if I do listen to it, it will be a station from another country.


    radio has too much yapping and adverts for my liking, i have a few cds but not many .I had a giant clear out last year when I realised that I mostly listen online or via downloads..


    I have about 200 CDs which I need to rip.  I’m in the process of clearing out a lot of things.  I had just gotten rid of a bookcase full of books to make room for mementos my dad gave me before he sold my parents’ home.  I’m donating my postcard collection to a club in Denver, and I’ll see what I can get for my short stack of LPs (about 5 inches).  I might as well go through this now rather than move and store all this stuff  for an eventual remodel.


    I have a full range from 78’s, 33’s, 45’s, some reel to reel tapes, some cassette tapes, CD’s, video tapes DVD’s and many computer files of lots of different music through the years (the earliest, I think, a 78 from before 1910). That said, I have collected these through the years but don’t listen that often. I mostly listen to the radio as I am usually busy so don’t get distracted when a side or CD finishes.

    These days I don’t buy many CD’s or other at all because of lack of space. I probably have around 300 78’s and quite a stack of LP,s (33’s) which take up a lot of space.


    Yes, I do. HOWEVER I have not bought any more CDs for a good few years. I am listening to albums on YouTube, rather than on a physical CD. I shan’t get rid of any other CDs, though. I write this because I got rid of loads of albums a good few one or two years ago. I have not replaced any of them with others. The reason is because CDs take up a lot of space and everything is digital now.

    I am definitely moving with the times. Because it IS the 21st century and things have changed. Saying that, SpinningJen, in a few years time your CD collection will be worth a small fortune. DON’T get rid of them, SpinningJen: you’ll reap the rewards of a lump sum in future years, if you decide to sell.


    Some things can be Kitty. It’s having the will and knowing when and where to sell though. I notice on these antique progams like ‘Bargain Hunt’ that many things that were worth hundreds a few years ago are now worth little and others which were not now are. They are only worth a lot if someone wants them and tastes change. I do really have to look up a few though as I may be sitting on a fortune (I don’t think lol).


    Time will tell if you’re sitting on a small fortune, SpinningJen. Mark my words: your CD collection will earn a lot of money in a few decades – or even lesser – time. Count on it.


    I have quite a few as I like something tangible not something on the ether if you know what I mean. We have recently bought a very good system to play them on and wow a whole new experience, on Adele’s last disc you can actually hear her breathe in between verses.


    I have Adele’s cds, but never really noticed it. now you mentioned it, I should check it out


    Adele is one of the best. She ROCKS.


    [quote quote=215762]Adele is one of the best. She ROCKS.


    Where do you stand on the whole Adele bantu knots row? I saw it on the news and honestly thought how much more ridiculous can things get.


    I don’t understand what all the fuss is about!



    I never buy CDs anymore and I have donatet my collection  away. I ude instead Spotyfi.


    Hi Mille. I’ve tried Spotify, but I just find it difficult to use. You have to be a computer expert to use it. Of course I am incredibly good with a computer BUT I cannot get around Spotify. Plus, I don’t like its format. The monthly cost is high, too. My brother uses it but I don’t. I never will: I just stick with YouTube!


    I have used spotify a few times.


    not a lot, but it’s great for checking out the weekly new releases, or to listen to a singer that you’ve never heard of but people tell you they are good

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