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Do You Take Vitamin Pills?

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    I have done so for the past three weeks. And they are really helping: I have more energy and all that gubbins. I take them during/just after dinner. I definitely feel they are benefiting my health. I eat nutritious food anyway but need an extra boost.

    Do you take vitamin pills? If you don’t, why not? Do you feel they work/have value?


    Being over 50 I started taking a one a day multi vitamin but at my last blood work my doctor asked about vitamins and I told him the multi vitamin thing he said I should stop because I apperently had too high levels on some of the vitamins and minerals.

    Now the only thing we take is vitamin D its recommended here for months with an R in the name (we get very little sunlight in winter,)


    I don’t take a multivitamin anymore, but B12 helps with my metabolism, C to keep the immune system ticking well, and D because we may not get enough sunlight (even near the border with the US). Also, cheers for probiotics!

    I resist taking iron supplements because they slow down my digestion. Trying to get natural sources, and meat is the source that provides the easiest absorbed iron. So brown eggs it is, and I’ll get myself eating beef a bit more with meatballs and maybe meatloaf someday. 🙂


    I am glad your vitamins are helping Kitty.

    The only thing I have is malt with cod liver oil. I don’t take it particularly for the suppliment, but because I had it as a child and liked the taste so started again a few years back. The only problem with it is that it is sweet with lots of calories rather than a risky supplement. I do have various seeds, fruit, veg and things which are noted as being high in some vitamins but more because I like a varaiation rather than for the vitamins. I have always been lucky to get a varied diet so seldom get vitamin problems.


    After recent bloodwork and a conversation with my mum about family history, I’m adding iron supplements back in (and Mum says eat prunes when you take it, so it’s good that I like them already!). Also adding a cranberry supplement to keep everything healthy in the urinary tact. I’m thankful for the capsules because I’m not a fan of cranberries, and only have some at holiday meals – in the form of cranberry sauce…


    Everyday I take a multiple vitamin, vitamin c, b6, and d3.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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