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    I do and am addicted! I love being creative and plugging items, such as skincare products, household products, interior design, artwork, etc.

    What are YOUR thoughts on the website? Do you prefer Instagram? I use both Pinterest and Instagram, but prefer Pinterest. You get to be more creative with it. But it does take longer, whereas Instagram is automatic.

    Over to you!

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    I have a pinterest account but I havent really used it or got to grips with it


    I’ve never used it, and I don’t really know it’s purpose.  All I know is that I get frustrated when all these pictures from Pinterest show up in my Google results, and I can’t access the info.  I’d rather they not show.


    I’ve never been sure of its purpose, either, TestDummyC. I just assume it’s a way to advertize products and just share life hacks. It’s a good concept and I suppose it has many tips for all areas of life and everything else. I just repin pins rather than create my own pins. Still, it is a way to spend time on the computer. But I do believe Instagram will always be more popular.


    I too get frusrated too with pinterest showing all those results on Google and then demanding a login when I try to look. I have wondered about setting up an account as I do lots and lots of research for my various hobbies (I was so used to doing the same for work as research was a major factor, at least in the early days). The thing about researching though is that it is easy to get sidetracked so I focus more on professional sites as far as possible. I have had nothing to do with Instagram at all so have no idea.

    One thing I have been meaning to do is to look into complex searches. In the earlier days of the internet search engines allowed complex search criteria hence allowing the exclusion of certain terms. I found that useful, but, although I suspect it possible, it’s not obvious anymore.


    I suppose Pinterest is addictive. When you see how many pins you have, you feel a sense of satisfaction! I just enjoy repinning pins and gaining a collection of them. Because I have thousands and thousands of them, spanning from years back.

    Whether or not it is understood, I just use it. But Instagram is definitely more popular and much quicker and easier to use.


    I agree with you Pinterest is more flexible and allows a little more exposure than IG. My favorite is Twitter because no rules on language, exposure and commentary. I try appeal to rich muslim guys and score best on Twit


    I posted a load of pins on Pinterest yesterday afternoon. It is addictive! There is something about it that gives you enormous satisfaction when you see the number of pins on every board. You just want to post and post. LOL.

    Anyhow, there are some really cool hacks on Pinterest.

    P.S I don’t work for Pinterest. LOL.


    Pinterest is seriously addictive: I’ve been pinning for two hours! LOL.

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    I’ve never posted anything on Pinterest, but I do follow things on there.  I started using it for recipe ideas, and then I got sucked in with cat pictures and other memes … I have a fair number of Disney ones.


    I love cats and animals in general. In fact, I adore cats. I have promised myself I will buy myself one when I am in a better position to do so.

    Anyhow, there are definitely loads of great hacks on Pinterest.

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    Sorry to bump up this thread, but I have to say I am STILL on Pinterest. I LOVE that website. I have using Pinterest since 2010 or something like that and have thousands and thousands of pins. I cannot get bored. If you decide to use the website, then be patient: you’ll end up with loads of cool pins in folders you can label anything. Whatever your heart desires.

    Instagram is quicker, but Pinterest has hacks/advice/and the suchlike. Check it out if you haven’t yet!


    Hi , Im still not really sure what I should be doing with pintrest..

    If I need a recipe I look at BBC good food or Nigellas website.. I must admit pintrest doesnt occur to me.I suppose its a bit like an online scrapbook?











    I started to use it but have forgotton in the meantime lol. I found it useful to get ideas for vintage Chritmas cards which shows it was a while ago when I last used it.


    It is an online scrapbook! It is advertising, too.

    To be honest, I just pin and pin. I don’t really use Pinterest for selling stuff. I just enjoy pinning. Still, the pins have advice on how to make things, such as beauty products. There are travelling hacks/celebrities/artwork-paintings/shoes. You name it, it’s on Pinterest.

    I think if you’re not comfortable using Pinterest and just don’t see the point, I wouldn’t bother with it. However, it is enjoyable and I will carry on using it myself.

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