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    I just thought I would throw this idea out to the community.

    Are you familiar with Twitter? It’s basically a ‘micro-blogging’ site, where you provide updates on what you are doing or thinking in less than 140 characters. It sounds a little odd (and maybe like a waste of time), but for networking and gaining knowledge it’s a great tool.

    I recently started a Twitter account for Female Forum and would like to know if anyone would be interested in taking control of the account on a revolving basis? My idea is each week or so, one member ‘gets the keys’ to our twitter account. They can then share their thoughts, follow new people and strengthen our presence there. When their week is up, someone else gets their turn.

    So – what do you think? Who would be up for this?


    I opened up an account about 2 years ago and forgot about it, rembered 2 weeks ago about the account but since done nothing will post my account when I get round too it, feeling sligthly lazy at the moment.

    Loving your idea on one member gets the key


    I use twitter although Im no addict, I probably log on 3/4 tims a week. I think its a great idea 🙂


    I’m a bit of a dough brain – I’ve checked twitter out but can’t comprehend the workings of it. I think it’s a great idea and I’d be happy to be up for it – just don’t know if I’d get the hang of it! Like I don’t understand when I look at it, why there is a list of seemingly small parts of many different conversations and not understanding how you enter into the conversation or even if you’re meant to. I’m showing my age here I guess LOL



    Errrrrrrr well I guess I,m showing my old age too there CB. I’ve just had a look and I’m blowed if it makes sense to me. I reckon you and me should set up the “doddery old duffers club” 😆 😆


    LOL Souxi!! Good to know I’m not the only one!!!

    Yeps let’s do a doddery old duffers club – funny thing is prolly not many will have a clue what we’re on about LOL…
    😆 %-P


    I’m pretty much addicted to it! I think pretty much everyone I know that uses it starts off with the view “I don’t get this” – I did, I couldn’t really see the point, but I had to teach people about it at work (really!) so I needed to familiarise myself with it, so I got an account, started following a few people and got hooked.

    I use Facebook and Twitter in completely different ways – Facebook for me is for keeping in touch with people I actually know – I don’t add people who I don’t know in real life. Twitter on the other hand I use to talk to people I don’t know – in my case this is largely web designers. The thing to remember about Twitter is that a lot of people have set up views that show them all tweets by every user with a particular word in. I do web design using a language called coldfusion – I found that after posting something about coldfusion, loads of people started following me because they’d seen my tweet this way, when I visited their profiles I found that they were posting useful things so I started following them back. What you start noticing is that people reply to each other (posts with @username are replies), and if you follow both people then yes, you see the whole conversation.

    I suggest if you’re not sure, to get an account and post a few updates. Maybe search for a few famous people you’re interested in – a growing number of celebs, musicians, writers, politicians etc have twitter accounts, add some news feeds (I have web magazines such as .net, new scientist etc) and suddenly you’ll find you’re hooked 🙂

    Oh, nearly forgot: top tip for finding interesting people: use this URL and replace femaleforum with whatever you’re interested in to see everyones tweets on that subject


    ah… this is really useful and informative mookie! Thank you so much for sharing that!

    I will take another look at it now in new light as you’ve helped me understand how it works so much better. Thank you!!!



    I don’t use twitter.. I wasn’t really a huge fan of it when it first arrived on the scene, but now I think it’s so popular, that I ought to have a go at it. I wasn’t keen on the idea of everyone knowing what you’re doing.. it’s an invasion of privacy!! But I guess it’s individual opinion and people can decide what they write. Apparently there were rumors about Google thinking of buying twitter – I think they denied it though, but watch this space!


    I think using Twitter to expand Female Forum would be great. I would definitely be up for the ‘key’ idea. I think it will help the presence of the Forum definitely. Maybe we can have a sign-up sheet of who would like to be potential key holders.


    I’d be happy to take a turn as well.


    I’ve been taking a good look around Twitter and its an amazingly useful tool! I think I like it hahaha.


    Isn’t it great Chatterbox? It makes celebrities look ‘human’! lol. I think its incredible and I’ve been advertising Female forum on my twitter :). I don’t have many followers yet, but…its a start 🙂


    Yeps it is Flutterby! I saw your (RT?) for female forum when I did a google search LOL. I couldn’t figure out though how to go any further LMAO. But I’m getting there. If I can find you again I will follow you hehehe… %-P

    Can anyone explain how you do the retweet thing. BASIC, basic, basic…. My understanding is that you simply put RT@FemaleForum ??? But umm… where do I do that…In my what am I doing box? AND my understanding is that it will show up on my tweet page like Flutterby’s?

    :red: :question:


    ok well I’ve signed up and I’m now following the forum and you Flutterby. Well I think its you anyhoo? LOL

    It was awesome to see a few people I know are followers of the forum!

    It seems you can’t find people by their nickname… is that correct?


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