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    LOL I never cease to be shocked by these things… you’d think I’d be used to it by now but it always leaves me (it doesn’t matter what expression I use here it can be taken the wrong way LMAO)

    I’m still doing twitter hun. It’s been a bit slow though cause I’ve gone back to paid work so online time is limited.



    Last two days we are constantly hit with the Fail Whale and can’t even login…. :long:

    Is it just my timing – has anyone else been able to get into their accounts?


    I haven’t experienced any problems. Do you use it just as the web or do you have a separate Twitter client? I think if you go through a client you only get so many pulls on it per hour, after which it will fail (I have a feeling it’s 100, so I set mine to refresh once per minute so I know it won’t max it out). I don’t know how this works if you just use it via the Twitter website.


    No I just use if via the Twitter website. I wasn’t even able to login though, just kept getting the ‘Twitter is over capacity’ message. Figure though I was trying to login after work so its possible it was one of the busier times perhaps, whereas before this I was Tweeting during the day. Maybe the reason. Frustrating though cause it meant I couldn’t tweet! :shut:


    I use Twitter myself a lot and i’ve got celeb Peter Andre following me and i hate the‘Twitter is over capacity’ message. It does my head in



    Im on there / have it on my Blackberry but don’t really use it a lot as no one really replies I know ha ha. I like to stalk a few celebs 😉


    i love gettin tweets from Peter Andre


    I’m @Katie1989 – don’t talk about anything interesting, but who does? 😛 My boyfriend is on there too – @DroneRiff he tweets about slightly more interesting stuff than me – NHS stuff mostly! 🙂


    Migth be an idea to have a twitter tips n tricks post


    NO!!!! oh my goodness I couldn’t imagine reducing my experiences to a few words. All of the tweets (HA) I’ve ever read have been fairly useless to me. It just seams like the cheapest form of self-promotion ever.


    i have a twitter! i’m totally addicted to it! ( ‘x.x)


    I just created a twitter account in hopes of making even more friends 🙂

    Add me – she_sparkles_25


    I sometimes Tweet from my phone as it has Twitter on it


    I don’t see many twitter usernames listed here. What are they? I’d loved to follow you guys!


    I have my Twitter set on private and i always want to know a person before letting them follow me

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 101 total)

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