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    Facebook is bad enough. Ive only got about 25 people on my friends list there and I find it annoying. twitter …I looked and thought and decided.. NO


    I have 100 mates on my FB and i just use it for chatting to childhood friends wwho i’ve known for years


    I don’t like fb but could deal with Twitter. It’s not like anyone can see or find out anything about me that I don’t share first. I like that!


    I have my Twitter account linked with my FB profile.

    Feel free to follow me on Twitter if ya’ll can locate me


    *makes cross from fingers and hisses*

    (At Twitter)


    I need to log into Twitter and go nuts as I haven’t slept for a few days since I was rushed to Hospital late on Thursday night


    Oh dear, everything ok?


    No I chipped the bone in my right leg that connects to my kneecap in 3 places, needed 3 x-rays to confirm it and have a bandage on my leg to help it but walking is not so easy for me right now. The cut on my leg is the shape of a triangle, used my hands to break my fall and only hurt my right leg. No wonder i have not been able to sleep due to the pain.


    Nice! Have they not given you something for the pain? Codeine or Tramadol or something?


    Yeah 500mg of Paracetmol and 200mg of Iprophen (sp?)


    Nice forward planning there doctors! Admittedly there are much stronger painkillers out there, but ibuprofen reduces swelling in the tissues and paracetamol thins the blood slightly. Two side effects which I’m guessing are gonna be useful in the next few weeks lol


    How are you doing now LD?

    I have a Twitter account but for some reason I can’t get into it! And those that I chose to follow, leave me stone-cold. Think I need some educating lol.


    If this forum has a twitter account, please give me a link to follow.




    Great, I will search for it.

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 101 total)

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