Do You Wear Jewellery?

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    I LOVE jewellery and wear it every day. I wear earrings, rings and a necklace like clockwork. I have had earrings in since I was 11 years old. I love rings, too. I am always buying jewellery and have a vast collection.

    What about you?

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    I do but sadly since a bad reaction to medication I can no longer wear my rngs including my weddng band. Even though they are good quality gold as soon as I put them on my fingers swell.

    However I can still wear earrings and I have my ears pierced 3 times  I wear small twinkling studs in the top two holes and leave the main piercing for a fancy earring.

    I have lots of neckalces again these have to stick to a set of rules, they must be quite long not touching my throat at all or else I choke.. I have several design pieces all bought by my OH including one with a sliver and amber bee hanger..

    Then there are the bracelets some of which are much too nice for day to day wear but truely lovely and with matching earrings and necklaces I love it when I have the chance to wear them.


    My ears are double-pierced.  Like Cassandra, I wear small studs in the top hole and larger earrings in the main holes.  I have a nice collection of unusual earrings, and they draw compliments all the time…to the point that my husband rolls his eyes each time it happens.  I have no other piercings.

    For the most part, I wear only one of two diamond wedding bands on my left hand, and rarely wear another ring on my right…although I do have others.

    I also have quite the collection of crystal flower and butterfly claws in lots of different colors.  I always wear one to keep my hair back and out of my  face. The exceptions are when I’m hiking, puttering around the house, running errands on the weekends.  Then, I put my hair up in a giant plastic claw to keep it tangle free and out of the way.

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    I love dressing up with jewels.

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    I do wear some jewellery but think more about the clothing I wear. The right thing in the right place.



    Right now I’m wearing seven total rings, two bracelets, a jewelry watch, pearl earrings, and a silver snowflake necklace.  I love jewelry, my favorite metal is sterling silver.

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    I do have a passion for my jewellery KitKatKitty!

    As promised have private messaged you back!


    Thank you, Rachel! I have replied to your message. I think it is an interesting reply, too!

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